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Topic subjectRE: Well, that album barely makes the 2000 mark.
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2432291, RE: Well, that album barely makes the 2000 mark.
Posted by howisya, Mon Sep-13-10 08:38 PM
>Came out in the UK the year before I think. I remember this
>being a point that got brought up when she won that Grammy.

ahh, interesting. sigur ros' 2nd album also came out in the '90s before being released here, although i never really took that too heavily into consideration for this.

shelby lynne was on my radar back then from the record reviews--including those of her sister--and the grammy awards and performance with sheryl crow, but she's just been one of those artists i've dragged my heels on really exploring.

>Even still, every record that came after it other than Love,
>Shelby is better (I'd say Identity Crisis and Suit Yourself
>are her two best). Not that I Am Shelby Lynne is a bad album,
>in fact it's pretty good. But it does sound a little MOR at
>times. It's a good entry point though as it was when she
>began to transition away from being a regular mainstream
>country musician.

i'll use it as my gateway but won't get discouraged if i'm not blown away by it. i've heard songs from later albums, including courtesy of you, so i know she's good and will give her a chance.

>You know I'm a big fan so I look forward to your thoughts when
>you get around to listening. That was one of the first
>country albums I ever bought. I think I bought it the day
>after she won the Grammy.

i've been listening to a little country this year but mostly old time and bluegrass. still, i've also been listening to a lot of late '90s woman singer-songwriters, so there's all the more reason to finally listen. as well as you, i figure i owe cbk some thoughts when i do, but if there is by chance some shelby lynne topic between now and then, i'll go there instead. it is a nice ruse to get new eyes on what i wrote 9 months ago, but i don't mean to trick or annoy anyone who's seen it already.