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Topic subjectWell, that album barely makes the 2000 mark.
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2432286, Well, that album barely makes the 2000 mark.
Posted by inpulse, Mon Sep-13-10 08:27 PM
Came out in the UK the year before I think. I remember this being a point that got brought up when she won that Grammy.

Even still, every record that came after it other than Love, Shelby is better (I'd say Identity Crisis and Suit Yourself are her two best). Not that I Am Shelby Lynne is a bad album, in fact it's pretty good. But it does sound a little MOR at times. It's a good entry point though as it was when she began to transition away from being a regular mainstream country musician.

You know I'm a big fan so I look forward to your thoughts when you get around to listening. That was one of the first country albums I ever bought. I think I bought it the day after she won the Grammy.