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Posted by howisya, Sat Mar-06-10 11:32 AM
let's look at it statistically. i actually have a list of who i consider my overall "favorite artists." for the sake of this reply, in regular parentheses i have added the number of "artist" albums and in curly brackets the number of total albums they were heavily involved with in my top 50.

Bjork (1)
Aphex Twin (1)
Radiohead (3)
Nine Inch Nails (2) {3}
Outkast (2 not splitting SB/TLB)
DJ Shadow (0)
Hood (2)
Common (2)
Coil (0)
Prince (0)
Autechre (1)
Tool (0) {1}
The Roots (2)
Mogwai (1)
Neil Young (0)
Squarepusher (1)
Wu-Tang Clan (0)
godspeed you black emperor! (0)
Mos Def (0)
Jay Dee (2) {4}
David Bowie (0)
Boards of Canada (1)
Parliament/Funkadelic (0)
The Beatles (0)
N*E*R*D (1)
Portishead (1)
Massive Attack (1)
Jay-Z (1)
Nas (0)
Talib Kweli (2)
dead prez (1)
Tori Amos (0)
Kanye West (1)
Madlib (2)

some of those artists didn't release an album between 2000 and 2009, but nearly all of them did.

>do you think you gave the edge to your favorite artists?

i actually found it to be the opposite. whereas when i made a list of my 25 all-time favorite albums one day in january 2009 it was dominated by my favorite artists, this list was heavy on artists i don't consider my very favorites, and...

>or did they become your favorites through these albums?

...somehow they still haven't become my very favorites despite releasing better albums than those artists.

>i remember a few albums that you and i discussed that you
>seemed more enthusiastic about than some of these choices.

i don't think it was bias so much as the difficulty in narrowing down hundreds of albums to just 50. EDIT: also, it's not to be underestimated how music can grow on you as well as wear on you. that said, the absence of an album on this list doesn't mean i don't like or even love it anymore.