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Topic subjectRE: you got about half of the LPs on my non-existant list
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2322504, RE: you got about half of the LPs on my non-existant list
Posted by cbk, Wed Feb-17-10 06:54 PM
>it hurt to exclude GFK, and it's likely i'd include him if i
>redid the list as it's certainly *one of* my favorite albums
>of the last 10 years... the shelby lynn album i haven't heard,
>although i do like the songs of hers i know.

yeah, "i am shelby lynn" was her dark breakup album, ala meshell's "bitter." but with so many pop elements, like some phil spector shit, and cool 808 programming. i even heard a sade influence! all under 40 minutes. really good album. dropped the same day "voodoo" did.

>>oh and "everybody got their something."
>i haven't heard this either. wasn't this produced by mark
>ronson before he made a name for himself?

yes, mark ronson produced it along justin stanley (nikka's husband) and nikka herself. ?uest does some really cool balls-out drumming on a couple songs. james poyser and pino were involved too; it was like a "funky white bitch" (her self-given nickname) departure after "voodoo" LWFC, and "mama's gun". her live shows for this album were siiiiick. very solid album. her previous album was like a blues-y pop record. i think ronson pulled the sly stone and hip hop influences out of her on EGTS.

>>oh, and brian wilson's "smile".
>i liked it, but i guess it was never going to live up to its
>own legend.

haha! it was inspirational for me--it's good to think i can be in my 60s and still finish something that haunted and tormented me in my 20s.

>>great work man. i can totally appreciate something like
>thanks a lot.