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2294470, it may have played a part
Posted by howisya, Wed Jan-06-10 10:29 AM
i think music is very, very splintered right now, which isn't a strictly bad or good thing.

>or that its just too early for later 00s albums to really make the cut?

i think the late '00s are at a disadvantage to an extent, but there are albums i feel are so good that i recognized. i think mos def released his strongest album of the decade last year and easily would've made a top 100 all albums or (any # above 25) top hip-hop albums of the decade list. he's a great example of someone whose album may make a list i do again later in the new decade. tim exile's album, which i rank just above it in terms of favorite of last year, could go either way, because it really reminds me a lot of 2001-2003 warp, but there are great albums on that label during those years that either didn't make the list or were ranked farther away from #1 than i thought ('go plastic').

there were a lot of big albums from the last 2 or 3 years that i think are somewhat universal though: 'back to black,' 'graduation,' 'the carter III,' etc. (not including the albums containing big pop singles, like beyonce's latest, that i never see anyone touting as "great albums"), so the days of the shared album experience aren't gone, just not as common.