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Posted by Ishwip, Tue Jan-05-10 03:37 PM
>>I've wanted to do something similar if for nothing else but
>>my own amusement, but it seems overwhelming.
>it's all in how much time and effort you decide to put in. as
>i mentioned, i did a top 25 favorite albums overall list a
>year ago, and i put a lot less time into it because compared
>with this last list my overall favorites seemed more obvious
>and i didn't write any descriptions, i just included the years
>and picked some songs and a few videos to play.

>on the other hand, i am halfway through reading astralblak's
>top 25 albums of the decade list. i didn't realize it from his
>reply above, but he actually wrote extensively about each
>album, way more than i wrote. i'm going to encourage him to
>post his list as its own new topic because it deserves to be
>read (astral, if you're reading this now, now you know).

>>Do you already
>>have some running database with "year released" info and all
>>of that
>i have a knack for remembering useless info as it pertains to
>music, so i knew most of them, but i verified some using
>discogs.com and wikipedia.
>i also consulted a few "best of 200X" lists i had written from
>those years, but in most cases my taste had changed so it was
>more just to remind me of them instead of having to actually
>look at my inventory of cd's.

>anyway, i encourage all music fans to do and share lists,
>because the media will just whitewash all the quirks out of
>the last decade in favor of current hot trends and already
>canonized, "obvious" albums.

I'll most likely give it a shot, but it might be a few weeks....maybe months out. The only thing I know for sure is I'm just going to roll with what I personally enjoyed and loved the past decade. Sometimes it's tempting to slide something up a little higher or include certain albums because you're "supposed" to (i.e. It was on everybody's Top 5 List!!), but naw, some of the decade defining albums did nothing for me when they first came out and that didn't change as the years went by.

I loved this past decade musically, too. Some folks seem to struggle to find 2 or 3 albums a year that they really enjoy, but even with a top 50 there's going to be some crucial omissions for me.
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