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Topic subjectthis is the kind of critique i appreciate.
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2293831, this is the kind of critique i appreciate.
Posted by howisya, Tue Jan-05-10 02:58 PM
>I guess I was just pointing out that considering you're
>putting importance into longevity, then the early decade has
>an advantage and that the list will change in the coming

if it were your list and i the reader i may be writing the same replies to you. i know what you're saying. all i can say is that there are albums from the last part of the decade i included because i listened to them a lot and not just when they were new. my experience with albums released in 2009 specifically is that very few had much replay value for me even just in the course of the year, which doesn't bode well for years down the line, but maybe that will change and they'll be new favorites and there will be cause for a revised list. for now i feel comfortable enough with these 50 and how heavily they favor the beginning of the decade as most of my favorite artists released music then and many of those albums are among or simply are my favorite work by them.