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Posted by howisya, Tue Jan-05-10 02:50 PM
>I've wanted to do something similar if for nothing else but
>my own amusement, but it seems overwhelming.

it's all in how much time and effort you decide to put in. as i mentioned, i did a top 25 favorite albums overall list a year ago, and i put a lot less time into it because compared with this last list my overall favorites seemed more obvious and i didn't write any descriptions, i just included the years and picked some songs and a few videos to play.

on the other hand, i am halfway through reading astralblak's top 25 albums of the decade list. i didn't realize it from his reply above, but he actually wrote extensively about each album, way more than i wrote. i'm going to encourage him to post his list as its own new topic because it deserves to be read (astral, if you're reading this now, now you know).

>Do you already
>have some running database with "year released" info and all
>of that

i have a knack for remembering useless info as it pertains to music, so i knew most of them, but i verified some using discogs.com and wikipedia.

i also consulted a few "best of 200X" lists i had written from those years, but in most cases my taste had changed so it was more just to remind me of them instead of having to actually look at my inventory of cd's.

anyway, i encourage all music fans to do and share lists, because the media will just whitewash all the quirks out of the last decade in favor of current hot trends and already canonized, "obvious" albums.