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2293805, it's mostly ^this^
Posted by howisya, Tue Jan-05-10 02:36 PM
it was nostalgia/rose-colored glasses, 'discovery' and several other albums would be higher, both gorillaz albums, 2 dj shadow albums, at least 1 godspeed album, both telefon tel aviv albums, NIN's 'still,' eminem's 'the marshall mathers LP,' jay-z's 'the black album,' kanye's debut, bjork's 'medulla,' squarepusher's 'ultravisitor,' SC, 'the w,' etc., etc., would all be in there.

on the other hand, it's weird for me seeing best of the decade lists full of 2008 and 2009 albums because most of them are unproven. the only 2 from this year i was tempted to include were tim exile and mos def's albums. from 2008 i wanted to include badu and flylohan, although i also thought of santogold, invincible, lil wayne, and the verve. the albums from closer to the beginning of the decade have an advantage of being listened to more over the years, but if i didn't find them to be great albums i wouldn't have kept listening because i certainly have plenty of albums from the last decade that i've barely played after owning them for a few months.