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Topic subjectGrand_Styles assuming i'm dan_ackryte and that hood was my band
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2292453, Grand_Styles assuming i'm dan_ackryte and that hood was my band
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 06:54 PM
...cracked me up, considering hood's been around since i was 8 and are british.

>I think you tried to hip to some Hood because they covered a
>Robert Wyatt tune or something. And I remember thinking: "why
>the fuck is he trying to act like Hood isn't his band?"

:) yeah, eventually i just gave up, just like i'll probably never make another topic about coil, just like i took orange dust's mp3 link out of my sig when i saw he stopped making music and didn't even care enough to keep his mp3's online.

hood sampled robert wyatt, most notably on their single "the lost you."

>Good list overall though. "Vespertine" is definitely the last
>Bjork album that really stuck with me, though I don't listen
>to it as much because it's so tied to some specific bad

i understand.

i really like 'medulla,' but because of its production (not so much the songwriting) it doesn't have as much replay value, so i couldn't include it in the top 50. i've mentioned that i still haven't come around to 'volta' but haven't played it in a long time either. i don't count her out though and still think she's making great music.