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Topic subjectRE: You just put me on to Hood's "Cold House"...
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2292334, RE: You just put me on to Hood's "Cold House"...
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 02:43 PM
>...it's SICK, based off my one listen yesterday. I thought I
>hated Anticon, but even their guest spots are tolerable.

it's a combination that doesn't seem like it would work, but dose one and why? blend right in with the music and make it even better.

since the release of hood's last album, the singer released an album and some EPs on anticon records under the name bracken.

i used to have links to hood's music in my sig back in the mid '00s here but stopped when 1) i saw there was very little if any interest, and 2) it became a point of actual parody by Grand_Styles' inept don_ackryte alias (which was bizarre), as he assumed it was my band. anyway, i'm glad you like it. it's great winter and fall music especially.

>I'm tempted to make my own list, but I don't even know where
>to begin -- I bet it's super hard trying to arrange them after
>the first 10-20.

it took a long time. the first 4 were easy because i did a list of my 25 favorite albums in january last year, but i went back and forth on the rest.