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Topic subjectRE: hey, bit of a post jack, but i got some Thrice you'll like
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2292330, RE: hey, bit of a post jack, but i got some Thrice you'll like
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 02:32 PM
>this one is quite the departure, and they took more from the
>earth disc of the last one that i showed you.

yep, i liked 'earth' but haven't played it again since then, although i've been meaning to.

i listened to these songs you linked, and they don't remind me of 'earth' as i remember it. i found these songs likable, but they didn't stand out for me. they seemed more generic without actually sounding like what's popular on rock radio now, which, for some reason, i've been listening to again for the last 9-12 months and enjoying for the most part (except for foo fighters, RHCP, incubus, and green day every single hour). to me, these thrice songs don't compete with some of the better new bands and songs i've been hearing on the radio, but i presume these 3 aren't all singles, so they're not meant to be as catchy.

>In Exile-probably my favorite from the beggars album.

i liked this one best; it's hard to go wrong with nonlyrical singing (i'm referring to the outro).