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Topic subjectRE: great read/voodoo should have been higher on your list
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2292247, RE: great read/voodoo should have been higher on your list
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 10:52 AM
'voodoo' was originally in the late 40s because it'd been a while since i listened to it, but when i put it on, as i did with several of those albums, i remembered how much i love it and moved it closer to the top.

>i love the rounded nature of it, all these walks of musical
>life represented so well. this spectrum is a beautiful one.

thank you.

>far as the post title, look at me telling you how your ears
>should work, lol.

i wanted people to say "_____ should've been higher/lower/on there/not on there." the list is basically framing multiple potential discussions.

>on the real though... for an album to have that kind of
>mainstream, commercial appeal and be that sonically, musically
>maverick is such an impressive feat.

i know, right? it's amazing. that was exactly what i was thinking when i replayed it a few days ago, that i couldn't believe how popular this album was considering it's so different and in many ways odd, but it being so good shines through all of that.