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Topic subjectRE: I'm not saying it wasn't a good read, I'm just saying that
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2292237, RE: I'm not saying it wasn't a good read, I'm just saying that
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 10:39 AM
>I felt it could've had more albums from other styles but
>that's my opinion.

i felt that way, too, actually. i would've liked to have included erykah's last album, but it didn't make the cut. same with 'back to black,' 'tha carter III,' etc. i didn't have a genre quota as that would've been missing the point, and i'd sooner have not done it at all.

>He posted his list on an open forum for
>discussion, and I gave my input.

that's why i did it, so people can discuss the music in there and help me be a better writer. i'm not going to change my taste in music based on the reaction to the list, but if i can get people discussing the albums and critiquing the process, that's worthwhile for me.

>I apologize if it came off in a pompous way,
>which I can see now in retrospect.

i wasn't offended and don't need an apology; i do see it as a slight but feel it was deserved based on a few of our conversations and general opinions i express, since we really do see music very differently despite how much of it we have in common as listeners.