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Topic subjectRE: Yeah, I hear you on it not being as focused and fluid as GT.
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2292230, RE: Yeah, I hear you on it not being as focused and fluid as GT.
Posted by howisya, Sun Jan-03-10 10:24 AM
>while The Roots seriously push the
>envelope on how ambient and (I guess) "wonky" they can take
>hard-hitting rap, while still being soulful and funky.

haha. those terms never came to mind listening to the album, but i know what you mean. it's a really creative, experimental, but still street hip-hop album.

>But, as a story-telling vehicle, mos def Game Theory trumps
>Rising Down.

one of my motivations for doing this writeup was to salute the dieing album format as opposed to a collection of songs. with a few exceptions, most of the 50 are very easy to play front to back (provided that you like the type of music), and a lot of those albums have some kind of musical or lyrical theme if not an explicit concept. so it's by this sort of logic that GT made it and RD (and a lot of other albums i love) didn't. RD is definitely among the roots' best music, i just prefer GT as an album.