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Topic subjectYeah, I hear you on it not being as focused and fluid as GT.
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2291876, Yeah, I hear you on it not being as focused and fluid as GT.
Posted by Rats Ass, Sat Jan-02-10 07:39 PM
It definitely is their Kid A, so I can kind of see how you might like it more, especially when you have Kid A at the top of your list too (which I totally agree with).

For some reason, Thought holding down (and I mean HOLDIN' DOWN) the majority of a Roots record that's taking the group in a new direction, sonically and lyrically, is slightly less impressive than Thought spitting red hot verses and bringing out what might be the best of a bunch of other dope rappers, vets and young guns, while The Roots seriously push the envelope on how ambient and (I guess) "wonky" they can take hard-hitting rap, while still being soulful and funky.

It's like choosing between Fear Of A Black Planet and 36 Chambers for me though.

But, as a story-telling vehicle, mos def Game Theory trumps Rising Down.