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Posted by howisya, Sat Jan-02-10 04:29 PM
>-j-live is underrated


>both best part and all of the above
>were without doubt some of the best hip hop albums of the

i agree but only didn't count 'the best part' because it was recorded, meant to be released, and bootlegged in the '90s, but it's as good and in some ways (the music) better than AOTA.

>i don't know why but I didn't check for anything by
>him after that

i was on the j-live bandwagon after AOTA. when he released his EP of new material, 'always will be,' i was really into it because the rhymes were so good even though the self-produced beats were just passable. in the time since i grew a little less excited for new music from him, and when his next album leaked i saw all the bad feedback and decided to check out a few songs from it and had to agree they really weren't good. i didn't give up though; his last album was much better received, and i actually own it but haven't played it (i've talked about my first listen rituals before so i'll spare the rehash), and i was fairly confident it wouldn't make this list so i didn't feel the need to play it before publishing this.

>-how under the blueprint are you going to say kid a is
>overpraised and have it as your #1 album of the entire last 10
>years? lol

i also got at 'kid a' in my description for hood's 'cold house.' 'kid a' is an album i'm tired of talking and hearing about. it may not be as good as some say, but IMO it's still the best album of the decade. i wasn't going to exclude or change the status of it and 'the blueprint' just because i think they're overrated. i tried to be fair in my comments on all 50 of those albums without boring myself by repeating things i've said better before but couldn't remember the wording.

>-the albums i havent heard that i'd be interested in listened
>to off that list are dandy warhols, mogwai, and hood. and
>maybe NIN and burial

i could see you liking the dandy's the most out of those, although it may sound dated to someone hearing it for the first time, i don't know. you may recognize the song "bohemian like you" as it was licensed to a few things, but it's not the best song on there nor completely representative of the album.

that would be a good mogwai album for you to try, too, because it's short (30-somthing minutes and mostly normal length tracks), not too abrasive, and really beautiful. i found myself using that word a lot in my writeup, "beautiful," but that's how i feel about most of those albums, even if it's not conventional beauty (like el-p).

>-its good to see fantastic damage on anyones list..on a hip
>hop list both el-p albums would definitely be on mine

i was told it was really impractical to do an all-genre list, but i thought it was important to do not only for myself, but also for friends who don't listen to hip-hop and vice versa, just to show that those hip-hop albums are just as good and worthy of praise as the heralded albums in other genres. i thought it was important because hip-hop can be perceived as a "disposable" genre, which it isn't necessarily.