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2291634, i'm the opposite
Posted by Ghetto Black, Sat Jan-02-10 11:37 AM
this is the decade that i got into rock music

from 1999-03 i was what you would call a backpacker lol.

once i got to college in 04 i linked up with some people who introduced me to some of my favorite acts now (mbv, sonic youth, radiohead, etc...)

i have an affinity for the more dark, melodic and brooding style than anything else, but i'm open to just about anything now.

including "some" indie shit

but i've noticed an extreme difference in quality when revisiting seminal indie records from the 80s and 90s as oppose to new shit. the label now denotes a particular sound more so than being released on an indie label. the alternative to that shit is lame genre revivals and power pop...

i blame pitchfork lol