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Topic subjectRE: nice list, not too many surprises
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2291475, RE: nice list, not too many surprises
Posted by howisya, Sat Jan-02-10 12:01 AM
>i think i know your tastes, so i understand most of your

i thought about talking about it but figured it was all pretty self-explanatory and implicit. some of those albums i'm so sick of talking about, and it shows, but i still had to put something down.

>surprised 'third' and 'untrue' were "low," but i guess they
>get in where they fit in, eh?

honestly i was surprised 'untrue' made it in at all over dj shadow's 'the private press' and live album, plaid's 'double figure,' air's '10,000 hz legend,' squarepusher's 'ultravisitor,' venetian snares' 'doll doll doll,' etc., but being as objective as i could i feel like 'untrue' is a better album and more enjoyable listen at this point for me.

'third' is pretty high considering how recent it is and how heavily the list and my favorite albums (in general, not just these 50) favor the beginning of the decade.

>i will say i thought you didn't like daft punk, so i'm
>surprised they made it at all

remember how i always mention how much i regret not being able to stay and experience their legendary set at coachella? i'm just not as into daft punk as i used to be and thought 'human after all' basically sucked. i listened to 'discovery' a lot for the first year or two it came out.

>edit: oh i didn't know you like 'one word extinguisher' and
>'bodily functions' that much either

OWE is one of my favorite albums ever (and i'll always have specific memories of driving to it), but 'bodily functions' is one of the more recent discoveries for me on that list, as i knew some of the individual songs on it for years but didn't hear and own the whole album until i believe last year. it's so good though. i was missing out.