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Topic subjectthat should say fally has more 'duds' not 'dudes' lol
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2330228, that should say fally has more 'duds' not 'dudes' lol
Posted by sha mecca, Mon Mar-01-10 05:03 PM
>this i'm gonna have to go ahead and give my personal nod to
>just for the simple fact that he has managed to build upon the
>of the 80s and 90s generation and make it fresh.
>his influences are obvious (madilu, franco, etc)
>now i prefer QDT but it's not a long shot decision. fally has
>more dudes on his album but that's because ferre takes a safer
>route and
>it sounds better. fally takes risks and it sometimes sucks.
>chaise electrique shit isn't the worst shit in the world but i
>like it lol and his singers just aren't as interesting as
>to me. fally can easily carry an album himself but when he
>singers none of them come even close to his singing you wonder
>why he
>even got them ont he record. ferre on the other hand has some
>vocals on his own (sometimes switching his singing style
>within a
>song as evidenced on karmasutra) his singers all sound like
>they should have they own shit popping. they're intresting and
>my favorite song from either album have no video for them so i
>will share them here. these are the songs that really made me
>go 'wow ok
>i see what you're doing there' lol
>in the end i applaud what they're both doing but the next
>artists i'm about to start talking about REALLY excite me in a
>whole other way.
>i'll get into that in af ew.