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Topic subjectdrc congolese rumba - generation 5
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2258017, drc congolese rumba - generation 5
Posted by sha mecca, Thu Nov-12-09 06:02 PM
before i get into it if you're just getting familiar with congolese music you might wanna read the following:


click around the articles there are more names and stuff that might give you a bigger understanding of how these bands worked. many of the bands that were and are successful have something to do with a band that either previously existed or still exists. certain bands who were considered the epitome of excellence in what they did were considered a 'school'. the first 'school' was grand kalle's african jazz and so on and so forth. the school's were the bands that represented a generation for most people. (not everyone who listens
to congolese music follows it so religiously lol but these are the terms in which the music is discussed within the industry)

the generations we have to remark don't necessarily represent a set amount of years some generations held it down for years after their initial impact (ie franco, tabu ley, zaiko langa langa, etc). what makes the generation is the memebers who leave and form their own thing. of those members who leave and do their own thing who will stand out and shift the sound. those people become the leaders and torch holders and are crowned the following generation.

right now congolese rumba or modern congolese music is in its 5th generation. artists from the previous generation who still run the scene are koffi olomide, werrason, jp mpiana, tshala muana (female singer), awilo longomba, and a few others.

koffi olomide's band 'quatier latin' spawned two of the 5 generations biggest stars, fally ipupa and ferre gola.


both vocally strong and unique writing styles with sleak production that is 'world music' palatable but still keeps in tune with original congolese rumba stylings (ferre gola more so than fally) while still expanding upon it (more so fally than ferre lol)

just for today i'm going to go into their respective careers using youtube and links. give me a few. by the time you've done reading all this i will have put some kinda music up lol brb.