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Topic subjectLL Cool J Force Tour guest appearances
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13485184, LL Cool J Force Tour guest appearances
Posted by cloak323, Fri May-26-23 09:47 AM
Is there a link that lists the guests who are appearing on each date?
13485185, I haven't found one
Posted by mista k5, Fri May-26-23 09:51 AM
If you go to ticket master you can click on each date but that's a pain. I was trying to see which options I had for De La but I don't think they're doing many dates.
13485272, i had a little time
Posted by jrocc, Mon May-29-23 06:33 PM
25-Jun Boston LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip Rakim/Queen Latifah/Doug E Fresh/Slick Rick
27-Jun Brooklyn LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Very Special Guests
28-Jun Newark LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Very Special Guests
29-Jun Toronto LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Queen Latifah/Jadakiss
1-Jul Baltimore LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Queen Latifah/De La Soul
2-Jul Washington DC LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Queen Latifah/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
4-Jul Atlanta LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Salt N Pepa/De La Soul
6-Jul Hollywood, FL LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Queen Latifah
8-Jul Raleigh LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Juvenile/De La Soul
9-Jul Charlotte LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Juvenile/De La Soul
12-Aug Cleveland LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Common/Jadakiss/Method Man & Redman/MC Lyte
13-Aug Chicago LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Common/Rakim/Doug E Fresh/Slick Rick/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
18-Aug Detroit LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Common/Ice-T/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/MC Lyte
19-Aug St Louis LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Common/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Ice-T/Jadakiss
20-Aug Indianapolis LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Common/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Jadakiss/Big Boi
22-Aug Memphis LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Big Boi/Juvenile/Doug E Fresh/Slick Rick/Jadakiss/MC Lyte
23-Aug New Orleans LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Big Boi/Juvenile/Goodie Mob/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Jadakiss
24-Aug Fort Worth LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Big Boi/Juvenile/Goodie Mob/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/MC Lyte
25-Aug Houston LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Juvenile/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Big Boi/Rakim/Goodie Mob
27-Aug Albuquerque LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Big Boi/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
29-Aug Denver LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Big Boi/Doug E Fresh/Slick Rick/Rick Ross
1-Sep San Francisco LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Salt N Pepa/Ice-T/Doug E Fresh/Slick Rick
2-Sep Las Vegas LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Salt N Pepa/Ice-T
3-Sep Inglewood LL Cool J/Roots/DJ Jazzy Jeff/DJ Z-Trip/Rakim/Salt N Pepa/Ice-T
13485273, Planning on going to Brooklyn and that’s got the least info, lol
Posted by DJR, Mon May-29-23 07:16 PM
I’m sure it’ll be someone great, it’s too close to home for him not to come through. Was hoping De La would be there, but given that they’re listed elsewhere but not for Brooklyn, now I’m wondering?
13485284, damn...now I wish it was a Rakim, Q-Tip album
Posted by Stadiq, Mon May-29-23 11:23 PM

hadn't really thought of it until now.
13485291, nice, thanks!
Posted by mista k5, Tue May-30-23 09:06 AM
The July 4th at Atlanta show would be dope.

I'm planning on going to Albuquerque, pretty happy with that line up.
13485294, This makes me feel better about not having Boston tix yet.
Posted by Brew, Tue May-30-23 09:52 AM
I've been stressing about it, but the real impetus for me to go was De La Soul so if they're not even gonna be in Boston maybe I wait and try and travel catch one of the other shows.
13485295, Really irritated the only west coast shows are Cali.
Posted by PROMO, Tue May-30-23 10:08 AM
this would actually get me out of the house for once.
13485328, RE: i had a little time
Posted by cloak323, Wed May-31-23 04:39 AM
Thanks yo.
13490300, Damn... they really just skipped over Philly w/ Jazzy Jeff & The Roots?
Posted by flipnile, Tue Aug-22-23 02:21 PM
13490667, NICE WORK!
Posted by JtothaI, Wed Aug-30-23 02:38 PM

Catching them in LA on Sunday
13485281, I pasted what's on Ticketmaster here
Posted by handle, Mon May-29-23 10:10 PM
>Is there a link that lists the guests who are appearing on
>each date?

This tour sounds great!

I just wish it was a theater tour - I'd probably take the chance and go.

All dates have: LL COOL J, The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-trip unless noted. I only posted dates with special guest that have been announced.

June 25th:TD Garden Boston
Rakim, Queen Latifah, Doug E. Fresh Slick Rick

June 29:Scotiabank Arena Toronto, Canada
Rakim, Queen Latifah, Jadakiss

Jul 1: CFG Bank Arena, Baltimore, MD
Rakim, Queen Latifah, De La Soul

Jul 2: Capital One Arena: Washington, DC
Queen Latifah,Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Jul 4: State Farm Arena Atlanta, GA
Rakim, Salt N Pepa, De La Soul

Jul 6: Hard Rock Live Hollywood, FL
Rakim, Queen Latifah

Jul 8: PNC Arena Raleigh, NC
Rakim, Juvenile, De La Soul

Jul 9: Spectrum Center Charlotte, NC
Rakim, Juvenile, De La Soul

August 12: Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Cleveland, OH
Common,Jadakiss,Method Man and Redman, MC Lyte

August 13: United Center Chicago, IL
Common, Rakim, Doug E. Fresh,Slick Rick, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

August 18:Little Caesars Arena Detroit, MI
Common, Ice-T,Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,MC Lyte

August 19:Enterprise Center St Louis, MO
Common, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ice-T, Jadakiss

August 20: Gainbridge Fieldhouse Indianapolis, IN
Common, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Jadakiss, Big Boi

August 22: FedExForum Memphis, TN
Rakim, Big Boi, Juvenile, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Jadakiss, MC Lyte

Aug 23:
Rakim, Big Boi, Juvenile, Goodie Mob, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Jadakiss

Aug 24:
Rakim, Big Boi, Juvenile, Goodie Mob, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, MC Lyte

Aug 25:
Juvenile, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Big Boi, Rakim, Goodie Mob

Aug 27:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Big Boi, , Rakim

Aug 29:
Rakim, Big Boi, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Rick Ross

Sep 1:
Rakim, Salt N Pepa, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Ice-T

Sep 2:
Salt N Pepa, Ice-T, DJ Z-Trip, Rakim

Sep 3:
Rakim, Salt N Pepa, Ice-T

13485290, This pasted hours later
Posted by handle, Tue May-30-23 08:57 AM
I must have forgot to click submit. The other list is better
13485306, My assumption is there'll be more.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue May-30-23 02:03 PM
In NYC/LA/etc - and I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment if there ISNT - I'd think there'll be some surprise guests.

I'm not saying a show with LL/The Roots/Jazzy Jeff/ZTrip/Rakim/Salt N Pepa/Ice T isn't worth what I paid for the tickets (I splurged) - but given how ?uest described the flow of the show, I'd have to think there's more.
13485310, LOL @ Bone Thugs not listed for Cleveland...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Tue May-30-23 03:15 PM
..yet, almost everywhere else for the midwest.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13485407, caught tix on the $25 all-in sale.
Posted by tully_blanchard, Wed May-31-23 08:50 PM
Really wasnt pressed to see Rakim and Salt N Pepa, but caught floor seats for $25 each. Shiiieeet I HAD to get em.


Fuck aliens




13490004, Videos on youtube
Posted by handle, Mon Aug-14-23 11:35 AM
13490281, Has anyone been to it yet?
Posted by mista k5, Tue Aug-22-23 09:03 AM
Not the Rock the Bells one but one that is just the FORCE tour.

It looks like the one in ABQ is a go so I'm going this weekend. Wondering if I should bother taking record sleeves to get signed. I don't typically do that but with so many legends I thought it could be cool if there is actually a chance that they stick around after the show.

Do The Roots do any of their songs or are they just the backing band for everyone else?
13490283, Vidos are showing up on Youtube showing the outline
Posted by handle, Tue Aug-22-23 09:24 AM
LL COOL J: The F.O.R.C.E. Live Tour - Live 2023 (Chicago 8/13/23)

Common starts
Then LL
The Roots do a HipHop 101 at 30:55 starting with Luchini
Rakim comes out at 36:00 or so
Bones Thugs come out at around 43:00
Doug E Fresh comes out around 53:00
Slick Rick at 56:00
LL comes out to finish

I did The Roots do hear Here I Come somewhere in there, but there wasn't a long segment with The Roots original music.

(This is not a complete recording of the concert.)
13490285, Cleveland has more Roots songs
Posted by handle, Tue Aug-22-23 09:28 AM

The Roots play Proceed at around 26:30. The Next Movement.

Love of My Life (with Common) at around 66:00.

There's probably more in there, but it doesn't seem like there's a 30+ minutes set by The Roots.
13490289, Interesting
Posted by mista k5, Tue Aug-22-23 10:28 AM
From the jump it's been advertised as something different so I'm not disappointed at each artist not doing full sets but I did think the show would be longer. The first link was 1.5 hrs and the second is 2 hrs. I think 2 hours could be enough but I feel like 1.5 hrs would leave you disappointed. I don't think I'd want it to go past 3 hrs cause I'm old lol So 2 - 3 hrs would be perfect.

Rakim only getting 7 minutes is kind of wild to me.

It seems like they're prioritizing giving all the hits more than anything, keep the energy up which is cool. I'm not watching the videos, would rather just wait to see what they do live. Might watch some of these after though.
13490297, I think this is a LL Show with The Roots doing the Grammy 50th show/revue
Posted by handle, Tue Aug-22-23 12:45 PM
I think this LL with The Roots - like an hour or 50 minutes of that.
Then like a 45 minute block of Hip-Hop 101/Grammys Tribute to Hip-Hop's 50th anniversary. Maybe 10 minutes of The Roots in there too.

Like a Roots Jam type show but with LL as the dominant guest / host.

>Rakim only getting 7 minutes is kind of wild to me.

7 -15 is bout 'right' for Rakim for a revue type show. Rakim has a super tight 40 that he can do as a headliner, but not in a revue type show.

I really think this is an extension of those revue shows where the surviving members of The Spinners would do 10, the SOS band does 7, then Midnight Star does 10, etc. So you get to see your favorite "oldies" without anyone out staying their welcome and instead they leave you wanting more.

And you can bring your kids.

13490345, RE: Has anyone been to it yet?
Posted by cloak323, Wed Aug-23-23 04:02 PM
I went to the one in Baltimore. Rakim was on for like 45 minutes,it seemed. Think he did all his hits. Latifah and De La was there. Roots mixed in a few songs throughout. Thought did his thing. Went for about 2.5 hours. Was a great show.
13490363, I was at the opening show in BMore. LL killed it. The show was lit.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Wed Aug-23-23 09:42 PM
Hats off to the Roots for serving as the house band. Black Thought is one bad dude. He helped rap for every performer - Rakim, De LaSoul, and LL. His energy was insane.

Rakim was on point. He definitely sounded better with the Roots backing him. A large majority of fans were there to see LL, but Ra had a large and faithful following. Definitely was a treat to see BT rapping alongside him.

When LL came out to “I’m Bad” the entire crowd erupted. I was a bit taken back at the crowd reaction. At least half the crowd was rapping word for word. The energy was insane. Honestly, one of the greatest live performances I’ve seen. LL did his thing for about 45 minutes or so before taking a break.

De La was next. Obviously not the same as it was more a Pos solo show. Gotta give it up to Pos. He’s charismatic and full of energy. He sounds great and did a great job of connecting with the crowd - despite the tepid reaction he initially got. Definitely would’ve loved to hear a longer set, but it was great seeing him with the Roots backing.

Queen Latifah performed for maybe 30-45 minutes. Most memorable moment was her duets with Monie Love. It’s clear that she hasn’t been in the game in forever, but you could tell she was genuinely having fun out there.

Back to LL. My wife is 36 (I’m 40). She mostly knows LL for his ballads and acting/celebrity status. She didn’t realize how skilled a rapper he was. She left so impressed with LL, BT (Bc he knew everyone’s lines), and De La. I would venture to say it was a sold out show. At least 95% capacity. It was a huge night for hip hop. I remember reading in an old Source mag that LL was a top 3 live performer and I left this show completely understanding why. I’d put him up against anyone.
13490372, God that's infuriating.
Posted by Brew, Thu Aug-24-23 08:30 AM
>Gotta give it up to Pos. He’s charismatic and
>full of energy. He sounds great and did a great job of
>connecting with the crowd - despite the tepid reaction he
>initially got.

Like, why.
13490374, De La just doesn't have the audience like that.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Aug-24-23 08:56 AM
I bet most at these shows folks only rock a few of their songs. on the other hand, LL was that guy for a long ass time. Got hits over multiple decades. It's not the same.
13490382, crowd prolly like “them daisy dudes??”
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Aug-24-23 12:33 PM
LL fans are mostly women and dudes who hit the clubs heavy back on the day.

De La is the backpacker and white crowd.
13490394, The crowd was at least 90% Black and as you described. Lol.
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Thu Aug-24-23 03:31 PM
>LL fans are mostly women and dudes who hit the clubs heavy
>back on the day.

I was actually a bit surprised given LL’s commercial/mass appeal. I went primarily to see the Roots, De La, Jazzy Jeff and Rakim. I’m an LL fan, but aside from a few songs, I find most of his material from 13 Shots to the Dome onwards to be pretty bland. Always heard he’s a great live show, so this concert got the nod. His song selection was on point. Just wish he would’ve played “6 minutes of pleasure.” That would’ve been dope live.
>De La is the backpacker and white crowd.

Yeah, it was definitely an odd fit for them, but I’m sure they appreciated playing in that venue. It was a celebration of hip hop and I think the crowd got that. The crowd did go wild when they played Me, Myself, and I. Pos really did a fantastic job of winning the crowd over though. He killed it with Pass the Ps and Rock Cocaine Flow.
13490422, Me, Myself and I is the 80's hit.. lol
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Aug-25-23 12:16 AM
but damn near everything else is prolly a miss with that crowd.

did they play Buddy?

13490423, RE: Me, Myself and I is the 80's hit.. lol
Posted by cloak323, Fri Aug-25-23 09:03 AM
No. Hoping they would since Latifah was there and Thought could fill in the rest.
13490375, Any skilled rapper who started performing in the 80’s
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Aug-24-23 08:56 AM
knows how to rock a crowd in their sleep.

13490385, Trying to read as little as possible. Going on 9/3.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Aug-24-23 01:15 PM
Should be rad - really excited to see this show on such a big stage.
13490668, RE: Trying to read as little as possible. Going on 9/3.
Posted by JtothaI, Wed Aug-30-23 02:41 PM
Same, I'll be there too!
13490579, The show was great - spoilers below
Posted by mista k5, Tue Aug-29-23 10:20 AM
I don't think there are really any major spoilers but I get that some people want to know as little as possible on what to expect. A couple general notes before I describe the show in more detail. Really tight execution. Lasted 2.5 hours and it started right on time. Had so much fun.

Spoilers/detailed break down below.

They opened the doors an hour before the show and had a local DJ playing during that period. They cut him off like 2 minutes before the start. You could tell he had planned to say something before his time was up as they were showing him on screen lol. I think they had some local radio personalities come out to start the show. Basically get a temp check on the crowd. Last I had seen the show had sold like 70% of seats. At this time it was about half empty. This line up included Rakim, Bone and Big Boi. The Roots got a lot of love when they were mentioned and Big Boi didn't get much. Was surprising. I'd say Bone and LL got the most.

The show started with The Roots, I think they did one Roots song and one Black Thought track and some general Hip Hop hits for about 10 minutes. By the time this was over I think everyone got to their seats. I'd imagine the venue was 90 - 95% full. Then Rakim was next and this was on point. I think he stuck to songs from the group albums which he did several off. I think basically the biggest ones you would hope for he did. His set was 15-20 minutes and the other poster was right, it felt like a perfect amount of time for him. Black Thought was rapping along with Rakim. At some points Rakim would stop rapping and I thought BT was supposed to had picked it up but I'm guessing it was more of random stops lol Either way it was cool and there are some great moments here.

Bone came out next and it was really hyped. They stuck to songs from Creeping on ah Come Up and E. 1999. Would have been cool for an Art of War track but oh well. Again, I think they touched all the major track from those two albums. I think Black Thought was mostly offset during their performance but came back in towards the end. I think Z-Trip stepped out during this and Bone had their own DJ. I don't know if Jazzy Jeff stayed on during this set. I think this was another 20 minutes.

Next was more of The Roots doing a couple more of their tracks followed by some other songs. I think they did Proceed, Next Movement and another Roots track. I think as a Roots fan this section was the most Roots dedicated one and I was pleasantly surprised to see it. Not sure how long this was but I'd guess around 15 minutes. At this point I was really admiring how long Quest and the rest of The Roots had been on stage for and wondering how they do 2.5 hours of this lol

Next came LL and he came out strong. He mostly did some of his slower songs during this part. The crowd was into it. If I was a bigger LL fan I would have been too. He does put on a good show. This was about 20 minutes. As LL was leaving they said he would be back later.

Big Boi was next, they kind of tried to fake us out by saying "two people from ATL/OutKast" I forgot the exact wording but there being two instead of just Big Boi was a surprise. I really didn't expect Andre so I wasn't bummed when the second person was Sleepy Brown but it did make me wish I could see OutKast live once. The crowd was really into this even though he didn't get a big reaction at the start of the show. I was surprised he basically did all OutKast songs and didn't really do solo songs. I think this was mostly focused on Aquemini through Speakerboxx. Basically all hits. He closed with Kryptonite which for me was kind of odd but he did bring out Bamboo and his son at this point. Having the toddler on stage dancing of course gets a positive reaction lol All in all it was a great set. I think Quest and The Roots did step out for some of this set and came back in towards the end. BT was staying on stage but mostly sitting back. This was another 20 minutes or so.

Then it was time for another The Roots section. I think the only song they did of theirs at this time was Act Too Love of My life which was great. I think this was a bit short since they then had DJ Jazzy Jeff and Z-Trip do some sets. Maybe this was the time that The Roots went off stage for a bit, it makes more sense. This was cool too. Hip Hop DJs can be so much fun especially when they're as good as these are. This was probably about 15 minutes total.

LL closed out the night, he did more hyped songs and some of his bigger slow songs. This was a great set and they included some HH tributes as well.

So overall it was a great time, even though I'm not a huge LL fan and don't know all his songs I still rank this pretty high on the list of concerts I've been to. Definitely recommend going.
13490581, Was this your first time seeing the Roots live?
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Aug-29-23 12:11 PM
They would rock 3 hour sets no stop back in the day.

and still do Black Lilly on Tuesdays.. lol.

sounds like a good show
13490608, Second time
Posted by mista k5, Tue Aug-29-23 04:28 PM
first time was just like an hour long set because it was a free show.

You think their bladders are holding up at this age??? lol I know at 20 I could stand around for 6 hours no problem. Now?? eh

13490615, I wished I was able to go the the ATL show.
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Aug-29-23 05:44 PM
but it was on a Monday. that just wasn't going to work.

this sounds like a great show. I'm glad to hear that Rakim did well. he wasn't good the last time I saw him a couple of years ago. he was the headliner after krs and Kane. hard acts to follow.
13490632, Was this the Albuquerque show? I went to the Houston show...
Posted by dagu, Wed Aug-30-23 09:31 AM
...and we got Juvenile and Goodie Mob as well. Sounds like you got more Roots solo stuff which I would have gladly traded Bone Thug for. They weren't bad by any means but if I had to lose one set it would have been theirs.

Juvenile and Goodie Mob were great. I need to keep my eyes open for a Juvenile tour. After watching Tiny Desk and seeing him in this show I need to see him do a full set with his band.
13490634, Yeah, I was hoping they would do a stop between
Posted by mista k5, Wed Aug-30-23 09:49 AM
So I wouldn't need to drive up to ABQ but it was worth it. I was happy with the line up. I would have loved De La Soul and Slick Rick but this line up was good. Like I said LL was the only one that I wasn't a huge fan of but I still like some of his music.

The Houston one did not really appeal to me when it was announced but after that Tiny Desk I definitely would see Juve with a live band. Goodie Mob would be cool.

I figure they tailor the sets some for each city. Wouldn't be surprised if things get moved around some due to some artists availability.

I was worried about Bone, didn't know how good of a show they would put on. We listened to them so much growing up so it was cool to have them in the line up. I was happy with their set but I get what you're saying. I still hope to see a full The Roots show but I'm thinking that time has passed. Maybe whenever they release End Game they will do a tour.
13490620, Man….im thinking hard of going all the way to DC or Boston for this
Posted by DJR, Tue Aug-29-23 08:00 PM
They’re not even going to NY anymore which is crazy to me.

I’ve seen LL before and I know he’ll bring it 1000%. I’ve never seen The Roots though despite them being one of my favorites. Probably one of the last chances to see something like this. Eventually my favorites aren’t going to be doing this on this level anymore.

Wish I knew what the lineup difference is for DC/Boston as that would make my decision easier for which one to go to. Seems like they’re not advertising everyone, since they reorganized the tour earlier in the summer?
13490628, Roots are seriously one of the best live shows ever
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Aug-30-23 07:57 AM
Thankful to see them way back in college when they were on tour with Fugees and O think it was Goodie Mob

13490658, I went to that show.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Aug-30-23 01:49 PM
shit was amazing. the 3 of those groups together was dope af. agreed on the Roots. seen them several times and it great every damn time.
13490631, It does show the line up when you go to buy tickets
Posted by mista k5, Wed Aug-30-23 09:23 AM

I clicked on learn more on this page which then gives you the dates available. Click on the one you're interested in and it takes you to ticketmaster to buy tickets. Click on more info and it gives you the line up.

DC is showing
The Roots
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Queen Latifah
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
DJ Z-Trip

The Roots
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Queen Latifah
Doug E. Fresh
Slick Rick
DJ Z-Trip
13490637, Thank you!
Posted by DJR, Wed Aug-30-23 10:39 AM
13490638, Go!
Posted by handle, Wed Aug-30-23 11:08 AM
The Roots live in an arena are pretty great.

The Roots live in a club are better.

The Roots live in even a smaller venue are the best ever. (I've seen them in a venue as small as 200 people.)

Thinking back I have not actually seen a band better The Roots live, with Mr Bungle in 1990 and Oingo Boing in 1987 being the 2 closest acts - and those were very specific time period and a completely different sound.

Closest competitor? Um, maybe Public Enemy in 1995?

I've seen The Roots DESTROY in 1995 and in 2016 and a lot in between. For longevity I don't know who can compare. Rush? E Street Band?

13490719, Show start time?
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Aug-31-23 04:06 PM
For those who have been - what time does everything start? I’m of course planning to see the entire show but just curious what we’re looking at. Doors at 7 and show at 8 according to Ticketmaster.
13490721, Show starts right at 8
Posted by mista k5, Thu Aug-31-23 05:27 PM
13490742, Dope, thank you.
Posted by Ryan M, Fri Sep-01-23 01:03 PM
13490762, Bet. Is the Forum Uber friendly?
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Sat Sep-02-23 08:18 PM
13490767, First time there since 2019 but it was back then
Posted by Ryan M, Sun Sep-03-23 09:04 AM
13490792, Bet
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Sun Sep-03-23 04:28 PM
13490763, Review of the SF show from Friday night
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Sep-03-23 12:59 AM
1. First of all, shout to Squeeg for copping the tickets. Had great seats.

2. Another good instance of not being the oldest person in the crowd. Lots of all heads representing. In line to get in, I talked to a fiftysomething woman who was there with her thirtysomething son.

3. The show was PACKED. From the floor to the rafters.

4. Good to see Short Kut and some of the other Skratch Piklyz DJ pre show. They were celebrities out there. Big crowd by the sound area to watch them.

5. Line up (besides LL) was Rakim, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Salt N Pepa, and Ice-T. OF those, Rakim and Ice-T were the best. Slick Rick kinda coasted, but was fine.

6. E-40 was a surprise guest. Crowd went crazy. Did three songs then bounced.

6. You got the whole LL experience during his set. Good, bad, in-between. Epic start with I'm Bad. Going Back to Cali was the other epic moment. Played most of his singles and prominent guest appearances. Plus some dope deep cuts (from Walking With a Panther, nonetheless). He did an extended love song block to start his second set, which was pretty corny. Finished strong though.

7. Unsurprisingly, Black Thought is the best hype-man I've ever seen.

8. The Roots as a whole held the whole show together.

A whole lot of fun in general. Definitely recommend it.
13490785, Any chance Jay drops in tonight since Beyonce is next door?
Posted by las raises, Sun Sep-03-23 02:49 PM
Or dre, snoop?
13490786, Beyonce isn’t doing tonight
Posted by Ryan M, Sun Sep-03-23 03:12 PM
Jay not doing the NYC Rock the Bells show is probably the biggest indicator he WONT be there.
13490800, LA was incredible.
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Sep-04-23 10:57 AM
Now in reading through show recaps, feels like the flow is totally dependent upon the guests. Last night, we got a mini Roots set, into the first 70% or so of LLs set, Salt n Pepa, Rakim, Chuck D, Ice T, another mini Roots set, and the rest of LL.

But holy shit what a fun ass night. Shortkut set the mood right (and goddamn is he good). Everyone in the Forum was clearly ready for the night.

Once it started, the energy just didn’t stop. It’s been a while since I’ve seen The Roots (though it’s got to be over 20 times for me at this point) but they are never less than incredible. The sound was huge, and they’re just the tightest band out there.

I’d seen LL before but it was amazing to see him do this huge production.

Rakim…well, he was good. He’s Rakim. But Thought did a lot of heavy lifting during his set. While on the subject, there is NO MC out there who is as good and as revered as Thought is (to quote Ice T “don’t get it fucked up - Black Thought is better than 99% of all other rappers out there…myself included”) who will ALSO take a back seat and play hype man. Incredible.

Salt N Pepa were great. A lot of fun. Spinderella not being there or with them is still BS tho.

Ice T was a lot of fun. Colors, OG, 6 N The Morning, New Jack…he did what you’d want to see. Hadn’t seen him live in like 25 years but the man has presence.

Overall a wildly fun show that was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Highly recommended and I hope they’re doing a doc or something.
13490825, Sounds awesome
Posted by mista k5, Tue Sep-05-23 09:27 AM
I kind of really want to see Salt N Pepa hopefully they come around here sometimes soon.

I think I forgot to mention about how good The Roots sound because of course they do. Seeing a lot of recent rap concerts online with live bands is hit or miss. It's usually fun but you usually get heavily modified versions of the songs or sometimes even a completely different beat. With The Roots you get the song how you know it and it hits. I didn't really think about it until my brother was talking about it after the show.

I hope they release official video for this. Blend in all the nights so we see all the guests.
13490883, RE: LA was incredible.
Posted by trane_fanatic, Wed Sep-06-23 01:48 PM
So there were no special guests? In a KDAY interview w/ PJ Butta last week, LL was promising a surprise guest hinting at Snoop or Cube.
13490903, Public Enemy was the surprise guest
Posted by justin_scott, Wed Sep-06-23 03:12 PM
Chuck and Flavor had the crowd going nuts.
13490907, Was Flav there? I only saw Chuck.
Posted by Ryan M, Wed Sep-06-23 03:46 PM
Energy was insane though
13490928, You might be right
Posted by justin_scott, Wed Sep-06-23 09:19 PM
Flavor was at the Vegas show. Might have missed the LA show.
13490908, Damn, really?
Posted by Ryan M, Wed Sep-06-23 03:48 PM
I mean, we did get an excellent Chuck D (or...perhaps it was Flav too but I only saw Chuck).

I will say the last 2 headlining sets that Snoop had in LA were cancelled. It'd have been nice to see him at this show, but what can you do.
13491088, LA was a great show, I concur!
Posted by JtothaI, Mon Sep-11-23 04:19 PM
When I saw Chuck I was really hoping Flav would be there too because I saw that he was at the Vegas show...but Flav lives in Vegas.

Snoop or Cube would have been fun...but honestly, LA sees them ALL the time. I wou;d have preferred Slick Rick.

Shortkut KILLED it and brought out a couple of the Beat Junkie fam (Rhettmattic and Babu) to cut up a couple records.

Shorkut played the Nonce "Mixtapes" and Dilated Peoples. Was awesome to hear those records in the Forum.
13491148, Short MURDERED it.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Sep-12-23 04:43 PM
Low key was one of the highlights of the show. He showed why he’s one of the best - and man that crowd was INTO IT. Everyone came ready to party.