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Topic subjectR.I.P. Tina Turner
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13485077, R.I.P. Tina Turner
Posted by Dstl1, Wed May-24-23 02:29 PM
wife was JUST saying we should check out "Tina" on MAX, this weekend.
13485078, Legend
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed May-24-23 02:32 PM
13485079, Household favorite growing up…one of mom’s favorite artists.:.
Posted by mikediggz, Wed May-24-23 02:35 PM
RIP to a giant. Rest well sister
13485080, That doc was fantastic! I watched it twice the weekend it came out. RIP
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed May-24-23 02:39 PM
13485082, RIP. still blown that her greatest music success was in her 40s and 50s.
Posted by PROMO, Wed May-24-23 02:44 PM
13485083, RIP
Posted by mista k5, Wed May-24-23 02:44 PM
13485084, RIP, you'll be missed
Posted by T Reynolds, Wed May-24-23 02:50 PM
13485085, Respect due.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Wed May-24-23 03:12 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13485087, Respect due to one of the queens.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed May-24-23 03:21 PM
this is probably one my favorite songs of hers.


not even sure how I came across this, but I love it. that raspy voice works is so good.

didn't realize there was a doc til now. will have to check it out.
13485091, Rest in peace.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Wed May-24-23 03:37 PM
13485092, RIP Queen.
Posted by spades, Wed May-24-23 04:01 PM
13485095, Rest in peace to the aunty acid queen
Posted by rdhull, Wed May-24-23 04:15 PM
13485115, Saluting a Life Well Lived (despite pain and suffering). R.I.P.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu May-25-23 07:45 AM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13485123, rest in peace.
Posted by shygurl, Thu May-25-23 09:28 AM
She will be missed, her greatness can't be denied.