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Topic subjectI hate hearing people say their school didn’t teach them that.
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13485142, I hate hearing people say their school didn’t teach them that.
Posted by SuiteLady, Thu May-25-23 12:07 PM
Now I know that our public school system has its problems, but my cousin claims she didn’t know Niagara Falls spans two countries, because “they didn’t teach her that in school.” Most of the people who I hear saying that line about not being taught something in school I already know didn’t take school as a priority K through 12 and furthermore, we are grown. There’s some stuff that you should just know from being a grown human being in this country.

Now, if somebody goes, “my school didn’t teach us that” and they talking about Arabic, that makes sense. Then you go oh, what did your school offer? And they probably would go “well we had Spanish and French, but they didn’t offer Arabic classes.” That makes sense to me. But not knowing what the Hoover Dam is or where Niagara Falls is this is ridiculous.

I also think my cousin is getting involved in a cult, which scares me because she has two children under the age of 10, so a lot of the time I listen to her nonsense without judgment, because I’m trying to keep the line communication open specifically for those kids.