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Topic subjectThat is more of an income and economy thing than
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13485187, That is more of an income and economy thing than
Posted by allStah, Fri May-26-23 10:18 AM
it is a following or support situation.

White people have the finances to go to shows and concerts. A lot of diehard black
fans don’t. I’m talking about what gets played in the whip and hood. Your opinion
relates and refers to a whole different topic.

It goes back to black folks dubbing and copying tapes back in the day because they
couldn’t afford to purchase the 9.99 cassette, or buying the 2.00 bootleg cassette.

Black folks are cheap as fock when it comes to going to concerts and showcases
because they don’t necessarily have money to splurge on expensive tickets even if they
have money. I know, because I have done it. I have money, but there were times
where I’m like “damn, how much are those tickets?” And I’m not even close to being
cheap, because I will drop money on something physical in a heartbeat ( car, electronic
equip, etc).

Back in the day I used to go to Lollapalooza when it first hit Chicago. Tickets were
reasonable. They were like 30.00 for a single day! Now they are about 150.00!
And I never go to a concert alone, I always go with whomever I’m dating at the
time, so that’s 300.00 that I would have to pay. More than likely, I would go ahead and
pay if it’s someone I really want to see….But again black people don’t turnout like white
people because of the cost, not because they are not diehard fans.

White people will go anywhere just to drink, party and get focked up because they
have money like that, and considering where the venues and arenas are located, there
will be a predominantly white turnout based off of that.

However, if that same show is presented at a venue in a black neighborhood than the
the turnout will be mostly black