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Topic subjectThis is absolutely accurate, but also a fact of demographics
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13485179, This is absolutely accurate, but also a fact of demographics
Posted by Nodima, Fri May-26-23 08:00 AM

I can only speak as a Midwestern white dude who's spent all his years in the middle, but it seems to me pretty clear the difference between Black music that is immediately targeting a white audience vs. Black music that finds white money.

Just last week, Devin the Dude played at the venue I referenced in my Tech N9ne post and while the people waiting in line were largely Black or Hispanic, more and more white people showed up as the openers sat down (I saw him at the same spot eight-ish years ago, Coughee Brothaz - aka Odd Squad - opened...I've got no idea who Yung Rico Chills, Faith Freeman nor Strange & Dread are) but that tracks for a $30 show in a white part of town.

To me this thread is about a group like City Morgue, two Black dudes from New York, who are advertised almost more like a nu metal group than drill, trap or whatever. Like I said above, I worked that show, about 1,100 tickets were sold and it was more like an emo or metal crowd than a big hip-hop show. Even compared to, like, a Curren$y show in his heyday, let alone like when Slum Village did their Dilla tribute tour or Gibbs came through after the Madlib collab, the clusters of Black folks didn't exist. It was front to back white people ages 18-to-50, aggro Hispanics looking to drain Patron bottles and throw down and the random goth-type Black kid kicking it solo looking for a scene to fit in to.

Even if a Ghostface crowd is majority white, the Black people don't look "out of place" the way they do at these sort of shows, y'know?

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