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Topic subjectI think folks are being a little disingenuous
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13485047, I think folks are being a little disingenuous
Posted by Original Juice, Wed May-24-23 11:40 AM
..by focusing primarily on those super crossover and safe pop rap acts that most hip hop heads find corny.

Let's be honest. A LOT of the rap music that is popular on these boards is being primarily consumed by white and non-Black audiences. Just because many Black folks love and listen to Wu-Tang Clan, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics, etc. doesn't mean these artists and groups don't attract mostly a white audience in many areas.

If you attend a Danny Brown, Killer Mike, or Lupe Fiasco, etc show in the Bay Area, there might be a somewhat diverse audience, but there's a good chance that there will be more white fans in the audience than Black fans. Now, this depends on exactly what city you're in. In Oakland there very well may be a majority Black audience for a Lupe show; however, at venues in Napa, there will be mainly White folks. In San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, Concord, there will be a diverse crowd for the most part.

I've been to Hiero shows in SF, Oakland, and Petaluma. Oakland was diverse. SF was always diverse. Petaluma was a lot of young white and white-adjacent skater kids and cannabis culture types (and this was just a few years ago). Of course, Petaluma is mostly white folks with some Hispanic and Asian. None of these shows were mostly Black folks. The same thing with Wu-Tang shows.. it may be different in NYC, but in California, Wu-Tang shows are diverse with probably more white than Black.. but lots of Asians and lots of Latinos.

Went to an El-P (C4C), Killer Mike (RAP Music), eXquire, and Despot show in SF in 2012 (when RTJ was just the 1st free release) and it was almost ALL white people in there.. at least 90% which is crazy for SF.. even considering that half the acts were white.

I noticed at the Art of Rap tour that Black folks were not really checking for the Pharcyde or King Tee. Then again, they weren't there for them. A lot of folks, of all ethnicities, were there just to see the headliners: Bone Thugs and Harmony.