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Topic subjectokay, i'm way more shocked...
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13485034, okay, i'm way more shocked...
Posted by PROMO, Wed May-24-23 10:44 AM
that My Hooptie and Beepers were getting spins in Ohio.

even though we'll always love Mix, and he still puts on for the city, the view of him after Baby Got Back blew up definitely changed.

for one thing, the overall sound of rap changed between 1989, when he had last put an album out, and 1992 when Baby Got Back came out. so while his sound was always kind of silly/fun, that kind of stuff sounded even less "cool" by 1992.

and man, white people latched on to that intro, even if they didn't realize it was kind of a shot at them.

because it blew up and went pop, it seemed like Mix had sold out and in 1992 selling out or being pop was a big negative as far as rap was concerned.

but hey, Mix owns all his own publishing and that song alone, according to him, still makes him over a million dollars a year. i wouldn't doubt it either as it's always getting licensed for SOMETHING.