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Topic subjectmy homie is in the video...
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13485032, my homie is in the video...
Posted by PROMO, Wed May-24-23 10:30 AM
and now that i'm typing that i'm wondering how much older he is than i am, lol.

cuz i was 11 in 1988. so he must be almost 10 years older than me. in my mind we've been the same age the whole time, haha.

not sure why that just hit me right now.

he played a hater in the video, lol. he's the guy in the shades and grey hat w/ the huge dookie ropes when Mix says "we're getting dirty looks from those other sucker crews."

anyways, my world view was so small back then. even though i was listening to rap from all over the country, it didn't really register to me that Posse On Broadway could have moved beyond the Seattle city limits, lol.