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Topic subjectYes. Make sure you decarb your weed first
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13484966, Yes. Make sure you decarb your weed first
Posted by flipnile, Tue May-23-23 08:15 AM

Really important step for edibles and tinctures.

Edit: I use a toaster oven set to ~200f. Grind up the bud, wrap it in foil (like an envelope) and put in the oven for 20-30 mins.

My favorite "quick" way to make an edible is decarb some bud (usually .25-.5g for me), then spread it one some peanut butter between graham crackers. Wrap this in foil and heat it until the peanut butter melts a bit (THC, CDB et al attach to the oil in the peanut butter). Eat it when it's cool enough for you.

When you measure the amount of bud you put into your edible on a scale, you can get pretty accurate w/ what dosage you like over time.