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Topic subjectokp cannabis users: ever mess with creating your own tinctures?
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13484963, okp cannabis users: ever mess with creating your own tinctures?
Posted by bearfield, Mon May-22-23 05:10 PM
looking to move away from smoking and vaporizing. i'm in denver so tinctures are available but they are limited, generic ("indica" or "sativa"), and have no real strain info, at least on the recreational side. same for edibles and i hate edibles because they are so imprecise. i finally found a great spot with low yield + high quality flower and strains that work for me

i am aware that info on this stuff is out there on the internet but am looking for anyone's personal experience with creating tinctures on their own. thanks in advance!
13484966, Yes. Make sure you decarb your weed first
Posted by flipnile, Tue May-23-23 08:15 AM

Really important step for edibles and tinctures.

Edit: I use a toaster oven set to ~200f. Grind up the bud, wrap it in foil (like an envelope) and put in the oven for 20-30 mins.

My favorite "quick" way to make an edible is decarb some bud (usually .25-.5g for me), then spread it one some peanut butter between graham crackers. Wrap this in foil and heat it until the peanut butter melts a bit (THC, CDB et al attach to the oil in the peanut butter). Eat it when it's cool enough for you.

When you measure the amount of bud you put into your edible on a scale, you can get pretty accurate w/ what dosage you like over time.
13484982, You can also decarb and make oil/butter in a instapot
Posted by speedlaws07, Tue May-23-23 10:44 AM
13489387, is this the "pressure cook on high for 40 mins" method?
Posted by bearfield, Mon Jul-31-23 07:38 PM
google has that technique in a lot of results but i'm wondering if it's because it gets aggregated or if it's the actual best method. idk how to correctly gauge the temp of my IP when it's on high
13485015, I don't know about precise
Posted by fif, Tue May-23-23 11:14 PM
But you might want to try making canna coconut oil. Less of a mess than butter, keep it in the freezer so it stays solid. Getting the weed into fat > alcohol extracts. Preserves more of the active properties this way, I think. A rec store gummy vs your own dialed in coconut oil? No competition
13489388, did an instant pot decarb and MCT oil infusion last night.
Posted by bearfield, Mon Jul-31-23 07:42 PM
decarbed 1/8th bud under high pressure for 40 mins. infused with 1/4 cup MCT oil for 4 hours. used the sous vide function for infusing which purportedly kept the temperature at 185 F but who knows how stable the temp was. did a little quarter eyedrop (neglected to order droppers with mL measurements 😒) and feel a little something so maybe it worked. if it's this easy to get this stuff translated into an oil so i can give up smoking/vaping... 😍
13489440, Curious to hear how this goes for you
Posted by fif, Wed Aug-02-23 12:21 AM
One idea if dosing tiny drops with precision is difficult, is next batch you could increase the oil to weed ratio so an easier to measure amount is needed for you to feel the akshun. Also if u have a sensitive enough scale you can try putting the drops in a small cup of water resting on the scale and dosing by weight
13489914, instant pot decarb + infusion into MCT oil works well
Posted by bearfield, Thu Aug-10-23 07:01 PM
bud was platinum bubba kush, a low (~12%) THC indica. got properly ripped last night after ingesting about 1.25 eyedroppers (possibly 1.25 mL), to the point where i was briefly worried i would have a bad too-many-edibles type of experience. ended up having a low ceiling on the high and it lasted for about 5 hours. felt like an entry level edible: intense and enveloping but not overwhelming. great stuff and bodes well for my non-inhaling future

still experimenting with higher THC bud and alcohol infusion but my baby mouth can't handle everclear just hanging out under my tongue for a full minute. too unpleasant and i'm unsure of the sublingual absorption efficacy