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Topic subjectRE: Partner shaming on social media
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13485100, RE: Partner shaming on social media
Posted by jimaveli, Wed May-24-23 07:52 PM
They want/need/crave validation, maybe?

I've seen it with people in different stages in their lives so I don't even think its just a 'these folks out here now' type of thing.

I personally couldn't see getting down like that cuz I'm just old enough that I grew up without having to publicly document every damn thing I do/think/say/want. And I'm doing fine if not everyone is aware of how seriously I lust after Anitta, Regina Hall, or whoever.

But hey, maybe they're not thinking it through all the way. Most grown ass folks I know would be not into that type of stuff at all.

I don't even love my wife posting pics of me while we're on vacation/out somewhere (cuz I don't love people knowing exactly where I'm at ever..I'm square enough as it is so I'm usually at home or work..that's enough!), and she pretty much knows trying to slide some Jayz sneak diss shit at me online isn't gonna be a good look. And I'm going to react in-person. Or as the kids were saying, I'm going to pull up on her directly on some ole say it with ya chest shit. And I adore that lady.

>why do people do this unless the plan is to get them to break
>up with you?
>Do they think their SO will hop online and see their partner
>shaming them and say “I have to be a better partner”
>just watched a woman take shots at her dude for 3 weeks with
>memes and “another lonely saturday” post and now she
>updates with “So you dumped me because I had a few bad
>Nothing wrong with venting but venting publicly for all to
>see? Not a good idea
>They need to hit up these Confession Wednesday’s