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Topic subjectCasino gamblers, do you tip when you win?
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13484908, Casino gamblers, do you tip when you win?
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

Poll question: Casino gamblers, do you tip when you win?

Poll result (7 votes)
Of course I’m not a cad (5 votes)Vote
Hell naw they don’t give me nothing back when I lose (2 votes)Vote
Depends on how much I’m up or down (0 votes)Vote
Something else? Post it below (0 votes)Vote


13484911, every god damn time.....wtf else do you do?
Posted by tomjohn29, Sat May-20-23 11:58 AM
13484912, Absolutely.
Posted by Ryan M, Sat May-20-23 02:27 PM
I usually ask if the dealer would rather get a tip or have me bet for them in blackjack (and if I double/split, I’ll do the same for them). I don’t tip on every win, just when I’m doing well or the dealer is great.

For other games - usually throw them 5-20 bucks if I win a bigger thing, like hitting a number roulette or a big hand in 3 card poker/Let it Ride.

Never got a hand pay on a slot but I’d probably tip like 50-100 if I did.
13484920, yup
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun May-21-23 07:41 AM
13484924, At the craps table whether were hot or cold im passing out dollar tips
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun May-21-23 03:12 PM
13484968, Not a gambler, but I saw my homey tipping the dealer years ago...
Posted by flipnile, Tue May-23-23 08:28 AM
...and remember thinking "No way I'm tossing back $5 every time I win"

Didn't realize tipping on wins was a thing.

I've only ever player slots tho.
13484973, Generously
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue May-23-23 09:43 AM
It's actually like losing money. It doesn't feel like real money until I cash out.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13484983, I only play Blackjack for the most part, here's my tip process:
Posted by Oak27, Tue May-23-23 11:00 AM
- I don't tip every win, that's lunacy. We're talking 50-75 hands per hour (possibly more if it's just me and maybe another player at the table), if I win even 40% of those hands I'm giving a LOT of money back.

- I tip after BIG wins. If I split more than once or split and double and I win all the hands, hell yeah. I tend to play table minimums, so $15 hands. If I have a hand that nets me a $45 dollar profit or so I'll toss a $5 to the dealer (or ask if they want to play, in which case I get my tip in $1s and let them play the next 5 hands with me)

- There's only 6/5 BJ around me, so if I hit a BJ I give the extra to the dealer (for example if it's a $15 hand a BJ pays $18, the dealer gets the $3 or plays the next 3 hands with me).

- When I leave the table if I'm up a dealer is getting a cut of it. I had a hot streak a few weekends ago and left the table up $425. $25 went to the dealer (on top of the tips paid throughout the session). I'll usually just leave the "change" for the dealer regardless, win or lose.

I want to add that Craps "dealers" (?what are they technically called?) have the hardest job on the floor and if you are playing you BETTER be taking care of them, and frequently. BJ is one thing, they are dealing cards and basically keeping track of totals and whether their total > your total, but craps dealers are hearing a dozen things at a time from several directions, getting a lot of action/bets taken care of in a small amount of time before the next roll and keeping track of whose money is where and who is owed what.