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Topic subjectremember when I said my coworker was crazy?
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13484842, remember when I said my coworker was crazy?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri May-19-23 09:37 AM
well, now she is telling these white folk these stories and they reported her to HR

She said she was hacked which is why she was interested in cybersecurity. I thought it was her play to get the gig. She kept saying “when I tell the whole story its crazy”

well, she told the whole story and I told her not to repeat that shit to anyone at the job.

She didnt listen

She says shit like..
stolen identity, people walking in her building
people dying in her building
people messing with her appliances and moving her cups at home
they followed her to Denver and messed with her AC
implanted chips in her brain

my boss is concerned. He said people at the job are emailing him because of the shit she is saying.

stfu and just do your job before you get fired.