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Posted by Geah, Tue May-16-23 11:37 PM
13484719, nervous about my daughters birthday party
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-17-23 08:09 AM
she isn’t as popular as her older sister and its on Memorial weekend.

her class is kinda bum sauce too compared to her sisters class as far as parent engagement and class participation.

hoping she gets a decent turnout and has a fun time.

13484750, My birthday is that weekend too! It sucks having a holiday birthday
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed May-17-23 03:21 PM
and especially with it being the first travel weekend of the year.
13484751, we thought about moving it up a week
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-17-23 03:29 PM
13484753, Well, she has the rest of her life to deal with it. Some years mine lands
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed May-17-23 04:37 PM
right on the holiday. It is hard to travel or celebrate with other people who want to travel or be with family. Everything is expensive and busy that weekend. It is hard.
13484757, I've always hated doing kid bday parties.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed May-17-23 05:31 PM
that's a me thing, so we definitely do them lol

but the worst was when my daughter was 10. we did a skate party. how about nobody showed up! well, one person who got there right as the time limit was up for the room.

I felt so bad for my little lady. the hurt in her face. :(

my son's bday is coming up. we'll see how it goes. he tends to only want 3-4 friends who always tend to show up. makes it easier.
13484764, yeah, I don't want that shit at all
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-17-23 09:07 PM
I don't need a lot. I just don't want her first to be empty.

We aren't even doing these types of parties every year because it's dumb expensive but I promised each of them a "special" bday party this year.

they have a performance at the school tomorrow and I told my wife I'm pressing parents and shit.. lol

her sister had 20 at chuckee cheese and that shit was a grip. I just need 8 at the trampoline park. Might snatch up a few kids at that joint if needed... lol

I'm out of town all week before the party so I think that is part of my anxiety.

13484818, it's hella expensive!
Posted by tariqhu, Thu May-18-23 09:30 PM
after a few tries, we started limiting the number of folks who were invited. this works as they age out of the chucky cheese type places. go play a few games or jump a bit on trampolines without booking a room.
13484839, this is it for a few years
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri May-19-23 09:24 AM
we doing bouncey houses and cooking out’s at the crib
13484807, I was surprised by how much old school hip hop gets played in Columbus
Posted by mista k5, Thu May-18-23 04:16 PM
At first I thought it was just a trendy restaurant at the hotel but then I realized it was actually the hotel bar. Then when we went to other bars and a lot of them had some good hip hop playing. Don't get that much here outside of the biggest hits.
13484842, remember when I said my coworker was crazy?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri May-19-23 09:37 AM
well, now she is telling these white folk these stories and they reported her to HR

She said she was hacked which is why she was interested in cybersecurity. I thought it was her play to get the gig. She kept saying “when I tell the whole story its crazy”

well, she told the whole story and I told her not to repeat that shit to anyone at the job.

She didnt listen

She says shit like..
stolen identity, people walking in her building
people dying in her building
people messing with her appliances and moving her cups at home
they followed her to Denver and messed with her AC
implanted chips in her brain

my boss is concerned. He said people at the job are emailing him because of the shit she is saying.

stfu and just do your job before you get fired.

13485134, Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Posted by spades, Thu May-25-23 11:37 AM
That train has left the station, sir.

She getting fired.

Stay away from the platform/tracks.
13485140, she wont stop..
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu May-25-23 11:58 AM
shit is wild.
13485221, She got fired on Friday.
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat May-27-23 10:45 AM
Feel so bad for her.

Problem is, even tho I told her on Tuesday to STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT SHIT..

She brought it up again on Wed evening. I even kicked her foot and she still kept going.

She just cant stop from talking about.

Still fucked up the way she was fired. After a 3 day conference as soon as she stepped into the office right before a 3 day weekend.