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Posted by Geah, Tue May-09-23 11:41 PM
13484269, Crying on the job
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu May-11-23 07:45 AM
Not a fan of this. Go to the bathroom.

Ole girl started welling up when I was talking to her. Feels like she is more loyal to the job than it is to her. Which is 100% true.

at the same time, she be stepping on toes and trying to show people up in meetings and sometimes she says little slick shit.

I know she wants to do a good job but she also wants to show people up while doing it and people are letting her know about it.

Don’t cry tho, just adjust your tactics or set an additional 10 minutes before it sends so you have a chance to catch yourself when you are doing too much.
13484416, I am so paranoid at work
Posted by mista k5, Fri May-12-23 10:53 AM
Boss called and said if I had a minute. I just knew he was going to say something about being online or coming in late. Nope, a coworker is leaving and he wants to know if I want the office. Uh YES!

13484417, I'm here too
Posted by handle, Fri May-12-23 11:07 AM
I'm not doing *anything* wrong, and I'm doing a lot of things well (and good.)

But I'm on edge.

Good luck to us both.
13484433, I hate when that happens to me
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri May-12-23 11:43 AM
I don’t want to be oblivious but I also don’t want to fear anyone simply because they have the power to fire me.
13484665, people suck at keeping secrets at work
Posted by mista k5, Tue May-16-23 03:23 PM
Boss told me to not say anything about my coworker leaving and me getting the office. Next day my office mate is asking my boss if the guy is leaving, so someone obviously told her. Then my other coworker asked me yesterday about it, I'm sure my boss told him. Now QC asked me about it but they seemed pretty confused. At first they asked if I was leaving but they didn't mean the job just from the office I guess. I told them that I might be moving to a different office then they asked if I knew that dude was leaving. Then they were asking if I was going to do both jobs or who was going to start doing my job lol
13485206, lol, I got a "Let's Catch Up" email from the boss earlier this week.
Posted by flipnile, Fri May-26-23 03:37 PM
Instantly got SHOOK.

Met earlier today, brainstormed about how we can improve our team's workflow, and that there's a supervisor position I should think about applying to. Also chopped it up about working on our respective houses.

13484564, Man, Africa Twitter be sooo wild.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon May-15-23 12:45 PM
It's stuff like this all the time.


African Dudes be on twitter in 2023 talking like a brother in the states from 1955.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13484581, I don’t know the language so I cant trust the closed caption
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon May-15-23 01:58 PM
my wife watched “90 Day fiance the other way”and they were screaming on the muslim
dude on some “you are controlling!! are you going to force your kid to be muslim?”

the host asked “if this was 2 jewish people or 2 christians what would we expect their kids to be raised and would it be a problem?”

I don’t understand arranged marriages but I met some beautiful indian women in college and some of them were going to have arranged marriages

I was so sad because one girl was so damn fine.. lol.

13484582, Homeboy in that video dropping knowledge
Posted by flipnile, Mon May-15-23 02:00 PM
Posted by tohunga, Mon May-15-23 06:13 PM
Confession: I'm still lurking lol

hey guys :)
13484653, lol
Posted by spades, Tue May-16-23 02:57 PM