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Topic subjectRE: On: Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto Japan
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13485124, RE: On: Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto Japan
Posted by The3rdOne, Thu May-25-23 09:41 AM

>>Did you visit that huge Shrine park there?
>The one with the orange gates? or another one? I did climb to
>the top of Inari Mountain (with all the orange gates)
Yup, that's the one I was talking about. I can't remember the name to save my life. I didn't get up that mountain, though. lol

>>I stayed close to Ahkiharaba, the electronics and arcade
>my son copped a PS5 for $400 at that huge electronics store

YO.. That's CRAZY!

>I only did half a day...by the time we got there my feet were
>GONE!!! legs swollen etc
>we walked about 60 miles in a week. wild

Thanks for hitting me back!