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Topic subjectRE: On: Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto Japan
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13485107, RE: On: Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto Japan
Posted by Damali, Wed May-24-23 08:39 PM
>Kyoto was my fave. I REALLY loved Kyoto. So much of that
>traditional charm that we see about japan (outside of
>Tokyo)..... Kyoto embodies that.

same here!!!! next time i go, Kyoto will be the base instead of Tokyo

>Did you visit that huge Shrine park there?

The one with the orange gates? or another one? I did climb to the top of Inari Mountain (with all the orange gates)

>Did you see the Kubuki Theatre or have a chance to go inside? nope
>authentic Green tea is a big import of Kyoto. I remember
>getting green tea ice cream from these green tea shop downtown
>- let's just say it was an acquired taste.

i love all things green tea! especially the ice cream.

>Tokyo is so huge and has so many parts. I wouldn't know where
>to begin.
>I stayed close to Ahkiharaba, the electronics and arcade

my son copped a PS5 for $400 at that huge electronics store :)

>I can remember going to Shibuya Crossing. I assume you were
>there as well.

Yes!!! that was so cool

Did you go to the Tower Records?

nah but I saw it
>Oh...and Odaiba was pretty neat too! They had that big Gundam
>Warrior on display.

damn i missed that

>I only did a day in Osaka but it was a pretty chill small city
>with a smaller vibe than Tokyo. had some GREAT food there.

I only did half a day...by the time we got there my feet were GONE!!! legs swollen etc

we walked about 60 miles in a week. wild


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