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Topic subjectoh wow...i actually didn't go in one
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13485105, oh wow...i actually didn't go in one
Posted by Damali, Wed May-24-23 08:27 PM
although my guess would be yes lol.

>did you hit mount fuji?

not directly, but we spent some time in Hakone and Shizuoka, which is close enough to get a fantastic view. Fuji hikes aren't available in May

>talk about the bullet trains. why can't we have nice things?

IM SAYING!!!!! yo they are sweet AF...it feels like you're flying on the ground...the seats are comfy, they have tray tables and recline and a coat hook on the wall...bathrooms are large and clean. When i go back, i'm riding them more..its a small country so you can really see alot if you utilize them...Kyoto to Tokyo was 2.5 hrs, when it would be a 6 hour drive.

>anything you didn't expect to see?

-Japanese people falling down drunk on the streets late at night and/or sleeping in the train station after missing the last train LOL
-stray cats hanging out at shrines & temples
-clean public bathrooms at EVERY TRAIN STATION
-how open toe shoes aren't really a thing there...most places we went, i was the only person wearing them..and it was HOT
-the color cream/beige has a CHOKEHOLD on everybody
-how nobody is rude but also don't say excuse me..ever. LOL
-how people queue patiently for everything. even on the subway platform
- navigating the subway system wasn't as hard as i thought it would be
-the EXCHANGE RATE!!! 135 yen for $1. that was dope

tokyo night life?

bars, street food & karaoke. in that order. i had the best ramen of my life at a corner open stall at 2am

>all you hear on the news is the declining birth rate, did you
>see an aging population throughout?

great question...i wasn't checking for that but i did notice that old people are well respected and regarded and quite fit mostly. tokyo is full of young folks (or maybe the older ones stay home more?). Saw alot more older people in Kyoto and Hakone

>haven't been to tokyo since 99 but i remember it fondly.
>hoping to go back soon.

same! but i'm gonna spend more time in Kyoto next time...really loved it


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