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13485025, RE: On: Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto Japan
Posted by The3rdOne, Wed May-24-23 09:22 AM
Kyoto was my fave. I REALLY loved Kyoto. So much of that traditional charm that we see about japan (outside of Tokyo)..... Kyoto embodies that.

Did you visit that huge Shrine park there?

Did you see the Kubuki Theatre or have a chance to go inside?

authentic Green tea is a big import of Kyoto. I remember getting green tea ice cream from these green tea shop downtown - let's just say it was an acquired taste.

side thought: please don't ask me to remember what this restaurant was called. But I had the BEST Indian food I ever ate in Kyoto.

Tokyo is so huge and has so many parts. I wouldn't know where to begin.
I stayed close to Ahkiharaba, the electronics and arcade district.
I can remember going to Shibuya Crossing. I assume you were there as well. Did you go to the Tower Records? lol

Oh...and Odaiba was pretty neat too! They had that big Gundam Warrior on display.

I only did a day in Osaka but it was a pretty chill small city with a smaller vibe than Tokyo. had some GREAT food there.