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Topic subject04/29/2023
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13483773, 04/29/2023
Posted by handle, Sat Apr-29-23 10:24 AM
Reminder: Free tests still available if you haven't reached your limit: https://www.covid.gov/tests

Also: Your health insurance will reimburse you for 8 tests a month - you could buy 8 today, then 8 between May 1st and May 11th and get reimbursed. (Ask your insurance when/if they are discontinuing the reimbursement, they have the option to keep paying if they want to.)

CDC to stop tracking Covid levels in communities
The CDC will end its Covid community-level tracking program, which provided information on how the virus was spreading where you live.


"With the end of the public health emergency, CDC will no longer get the same data. We are working to update the measure used to convey the risk of Covid-19 in communities based on data that will be available," a CDC spokesperson wrote in an email. "Our priority remains providing the information necessary to protect the nation's public health."

Note:You can get some idea of how much is in your community by tracking wastewater. Google your city's name + covid wastewater.


ABC News edits RFK Jr. interview to exclude ‘false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines’

tldr; He's spreading not only COVID vaccine falsehoods, but the tired "Vaccines causes autism" shit. Expect him to be on Real Time with Bill Maher at least 3 times before the election.