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13482402, It depends
Posted by handle, Tue Apr-11-23 01:30 PM
tldr; If you're young and healthy and not around a lot of older/less healthy folks then you'll probably be fine.

>is covid still a serious health risk for most people?
Depends on who you are. It's so contagious that it's very easy to get.


It says we've had 104,242,889 reported cases in the U.S. and 1,127,104 deaths. That means that 1.08% of people who caught COVID died of it. But let's be serious, while I suspect that more people probably died of COVID than reported there were likely 2 or 3 times more infections than reported too.

The CDC also reports 452,024 hospitalizations from COVID. That has had serious impacts of those folks - and on others who couldn't get healthcare because of it. And CDC reported last year that 7% of folks who got infected reported "long covid" symptoms.

So your personal risk, depending on your age, health, immunity (via vaccine or infection or both), and some luck COVID is not a personal death sentence - it never was for most.

Getting sick and feeling bad and missing work and giving your friends/family it are other factors.

>the reason i ask is because i'm still masking in public
>EVERYWHERE i go. but when i go out, i pay attention to the
>people i see and i'd say 10 percent or less of the people i
>see are also masked up.

They may have underlying health conditions - or they may just chose to wear the mask because 'why get COVID while grocery shopping?' if wearing a mask would lower the risk dramatically?

>not gonna lie, it's hard when you see everyone else not masked
>and seemingly healthy, and not want to join. and just from
>what i'm seeing it seems like it's not really a risk for most
>people anymore especially if you're vaxxed up.
>am i buggin?

If you get the current variant, are healthy, are younger, have some immunity from vaccination or prior infection, get Paxlovid or another treatment you may just get a mild flu like illness and you're 99% or more likely to survive and over 92% chance - or more- to not get long Covid.

If your risk profile is worse, like you're an 80 year old with HIV - it's a different calculation.

So within those factors you have to decide when/if to wear a mask. Or if you're around folks who have a different risk profile a lot you may have to factor that in too.

I got it, it fucking SUCKED for me. Healthy 50 year old when I got it, but it knocked me out and sent me to the E.R. because my blood/oxygen level went to 89% on my home monitor - and %93 on the one in the E.R. (Paxlovid was not approved at the time.) My mom, a 74 year old who has weakened immunity from chemo therapy did a lot better than I did.

(All of this changes if a new variant comes around too - it's a moving target.)

But people are getting still sick, and we're still on track to have 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S this year - that's 2x3 times our "normal" flu deaths in the 21st century.

I still mask everywhere where I'd regret getting COVD - Walmart, Target, Vons, Home Depot, etc. I didn't mask when I had workers in my house recently. I don't mask when in a car with friends either.

I think this way "If it was 2013 and the flu got more contagious and was killing the same amount as COVID is now would I have worn a mask?"

For me, the answer is yes. I suspect for most of the people I know the answer would have been no.