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Topic subjecti have serious question and i hope people don't come at me for asking:
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13482390, i have serious question and i hope people don't come at me for asking:
Posted by PROMO, Tue Apr-11-23 11:49 AM
is covid still a serious health risk for most people?

the reason i ask is because i'm still masking in public EVERYWHERE i go. but when i go out, i pay attention to the people i see and i'd say 10 percent or less of the people i see are also masked up.

i go to a place on the weekends, BOTH days, where almost no one is masked up, people are right next to each other for extended periods (though it is a big, warehouse like building with a 50 foot tall ceiling so maybe the air just circulates well in there - it doesn't feel like it does though sometimes), and i see the same folks every weekend and none of them are sick or are talking about how they got sick, etc and many of those people go to this place EVERYDAY of the week, not just weekends like i do. on averages there's at least 100 people in there on either Sat. or Sun., sometimes more.

not gonna lie, it's hard when you see everyone else not masked and seemingly healthy, and not want to join. and just from what i'm seeing it seems like it's not really a risk for most people anymore especially if you're vaxxed up.

am i buggin?