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Topic subjectwhat i find puzzling
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13481359, what i find puzzling
Posted by fif, Fri Mar-24-23 12:23 AM
about you is that you are clearly somewhere up there in the 95th plus percentile of people in terms of your current concern about covid. (which is whatever to me--from the outside looking in, it seems unhealthy for you tbh, but you gotta do you.)

but despite your doom and gloom hyper-vigilance on all things covid, you are very dismissive of the lab origin hypothesis. We have sci fi capabilities, humans can create the next pandemic in a lab. Maybe we already sparked one off. You've got heavy covid-policeman energy. Since you already got that going, I'd suggest a good use of that energy is learning about the dangers of gain of function research and elevating awareness about it. One of the best preventative measures against another pandemic...is global action to do all we can to ensure the next one isn't started by scientists. If it wasn't a random transmission from the animal world, if WE made it happen, we can organize people in better ways so it don't happen again.

i'm curious at what point this becomes something you are interested in. DOE and FBI are above 50%..dismiss..dismiss...is your response. those are wild high numbers. do you think the other fed agencies are all firmly at 0% likelihood of lab origin and scoffing at DOE and FBI? that's the stance you seem to take, but definitely doesn't reflect the actual probabilities or opinions of qualified people who look into this. even if it were an only 10% chance it came out of a lab...i feel this should be enough to make you think...hey wtf are these virologists doing? something's gotta change there!

>tldr; Raccooncoocie!