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Topic subjectRE: No one said it was impossbile, jsut need some proof
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13479876, RE: No one said it was impossbile, jsut need some proof
Posted by fif, Thu Mar-02-23 09:33 PM
>What folks reacted to were OBSVIOUS racists and loons
>IMMEDATELY saying it was the CH***KS done infected us, and
>probably on purpose!!!

yea, i mentioned this in the other thread:

"the anti-trump contingent in media and govt very quickly moved to dismiss the possibility of a lab leak. with some reason--they didn't want to allow trump's claims to inflame racism, xenophobia etc."

so i get the motive. but it’s time to move past that. preventing future lab leaks should be a top global priority. i do think a lab leak is probably what sparked the pandemic. but regardless of whether that happened or not, the risk of a lab leak causing another pandemic is very real. the world needs to come together ASAP to find ways of reducing the chance of a lab leak causing a future pandemic.

if humans did this to humanity--or can--be good to focus on how not to let the bugs out of the bag.

>I lean to #1 since it has happened before.

will just point out that a lot of what these labs can now do is very new under the sun. far easier to make deadly shit in labs than ever before. this cutting edge science is alluring to researchers–lot of breakthroughs waiting to happen there. but it’s hand of god type stuff and cuts both ways…it can advance medicine but can also create little killers.