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Topic subjectRE: You have an exaggerated sense of what "gain of function" research
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13479819, RE: You have an exaggerated sense of what "gain of function" research
Posted by fif, Wed Mar-01-23 06:58 PM
>The fact that we can't resolve this question is precisely
>because the differences between sars-cov-2 and other
>unquestionably natural coronaviruses are minor and completely
>consistent with normal evolutionary development.

this is part of what is unsettled about the question of zoonotic vs lab leak. there is disagreement on this point. sars cov 2 COULD be the result of a change to a virus made in the lab. if a virus not deadly or easily transmissible among humans is tweaked in a lab and becomes very transmissible...this virus might look very much like all other coronaviruses that have leapt from animals to people.

> Yes, this
>virus would have escaped the caves within a couple years
>regardless of anything the mad scientists might have done.

the original animal reservoir has not been found. so not sure where your confidence here is coming from.

>The deeper you dip into the "scientists are tinkering with
>viruses" meme the deeper you get into assertions that we know
>as incontrovertible facts to be untrue.

are you claiming that current scientific techniques are incapable of editing the genes (or selectively breeding, fostering certain mutations) of a virus in a way that makes it more deadly to humans? (even as an unintended consequence). i do not think this is true.