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Topic subjectLol, no, lab leak is NOT the most likely origin.
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13479720, Lol, no, lab leak is NOT the most likely origin.
Posted by stravinskian, Tue Feb-28-23 02:05 PM

The people who actually look at the data and know the science (as opposed to internet cranks and 'journalists' who know no science and think they can find 'data' on the internet) generally all agree that the question is subtle, unsettled (and will probably never be settled to anyone's satisfaction), but that the preponderance of evidence is still clearly in favor of the same kind of natural origin as every other coronavirus that's developed in the last million years, including all of the SARS and MERS variants that covid is a part of.

It's also a completely moot point, because the mere fact that all the other SARS variants emerged naturally means that we need to accelerate laboratory research on them, even if that presents a risk of lab leaks.