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Posted by Geah, Wed Nov-30-22 10:14 AM
13474014, I need to spot eating at my desk (I WFH). I just spilled pop all over my
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Nov-30-22 04:24 PM
wall and I have light colored walls. My desk is small. It barely fits all my equipment. There isn't enough room for food and drinks.

When I first started working from home I would always go downstairs and sit at the table, but I got out of that habit and now I cleaning this mess up with a magic eraser hoping it doesn't leave a faint stain.I probably will :( .
13474015, man I would definitely be one of those nightmare bosses
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Nov-30-22 05:04 PM
People stay fucking shit up at work after i spoonfeed them the info, and then I have to be the one that wears the dressing down from the customer like im the one that fucked it up. I'm a perfectionist when money is at stake. I do not fuck up. Ever. I pride myself on that. Not a top performer, but THE top performer.

And my boss is talking about some "well everyone makes mistakes, it's part of the job"

I couldnt help myself I looked at him like

Boss: "Ok well you don't make mistakes. But everyone else does so you have to live with it and stay on your toes"

And I just don't know how he can shrug that shit off like that. These white folks really cannot fathom the level black people operate in the work place to get to where we are at.
13474022, i dont know if i would be a nightmare boss
Posted by mista k5, Wed Nov-30-22 05:24 PM
I have mostly been the same as you. Always a perfectionist and just would not mess up. The whole, I thought I messed up once but I was mistaken thing. The last few years I have chilled out more and made more mistakes. That said I still make much less mistakes than everyone else.

I am also trying to do my job with much less information than reasonable, having to fish the information needed from everywhere. Being instructed to just get it done even though I don't have the information I need to do so. Yet I find a way. I also provide the information in every way imaginable and yet I still get asked or they act like they don't know. There's been times where I simply ask "did you read my email" their response, no. I tell them in person or on the phone, they forget. I put it in a log where they can access it and look it up..they don't look. Yet part of my boss' feedback in my last eval was that I needed to communicate better.

Just yesterday my boss called to confirm some information. He tried to make it seem like I had it wrong but I have receipts that this is how he set it up and how he confirmed we would do it multiple times. For some reason he decided to change it and didn't let me know. Thankfully we went over it just in time.
13474029, see this would have me furious
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Nov-30-22 08:16 PM
>For some reason he decided to change it and
>didn't let me know.

that and him telling you that YOU need to communicate better and he does that shit
13474053, yeah i laugh it off but its a big reason why i do want to get out of here
Posted by mista k5, Thu Dec-01-22 10:32 AM
13474208, one of the many communications issues at the job,
Posted by jimi, Mon Dec-05-22 09:07 AM
folks not reading their emails... folks acting like they got amnesia

13474209, what bugs me more is that they respond so quick to meaningless emails
Posted by mista k5, Mon Dec-05-22 09:36 AM
I might ask a coworker something critical in an email and not hear back in a week. Someone else sends me an email with that coworker copied and he instantly replies butting in his opinion when it wasn't asked.

I send an email as an FYI to document something that happened, doesn't need a follow up. EVERYONE replies with the lulz

Still waiting on the reply for the critical information.

Makes it clear that they are deciding to avoid certain emails.
13474027, The payscale adjustment at my job excludes ppl @ the director level or above.
Posted by spades, Wed Nov-30-22 05:50 PM

I guess I won't be getting that raise....

womp womp womp
13474056, One more day before my vacation starts
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Dec-01-22 11:16 AM
I don’t want any surprises or bullshit popping up.. lol
13474081, i might actually need to look at new housing
Posted by mista k5, Thu Dec-01-22 02:24 PM
got home last night and there was a letter from my landlord stuck to the door. i was thinking thats nice of him to send a christmas letter. then i started thinking, this is gonna be something else lol yep, raising rent by $100. honestly it's not too bad, he hasn't raised it once and ive been here 8 years.

i did look up rentals and houses for sale and yeah i would be spending at least $200 more per month than the new amount if i move. i do feel like at this cost i should be living somewhere nicer though. i think im going to revisit buying.
13474138, 8 years without a rent increase? shit
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-02-22 12:27 PM
unless I’m buying something I wouldn’t move
13474141, I know right?
Posted by mista k5, Fri Dec-02-22 12:59 PM
I think my landlord is pretty timid and doesn't want to ruffle any feathers. I don't love the place but it's plenty good. The electrical is my biggest gripe with it. There was a ceiling fan that was shaking a lot so I bought a new one to replace it. When I took the old one off the wires were not what I was expecting lol This had to be wired before current coding. I just put caps on the wires and put a cover instead of a ceiling fan.

I definitely have things I want different but probably best to wait until I buy for that.
13474150, yeah.. I’m not replacing ceiling fans in a rental
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-02-22 02:42 PM
no shade..

I enjoy reading your scenarios where its obvious you don’t need to spend more money, but you sure sound like you want to.. lol

13474151, I'm weird and contradicary
Posted by mista k5, Fri Dec-02-22 03:01 PM
I've been very frugal most of my life but I have always had times where I spend money that doesn't make sense.

I have fixed a few things in the house, I feel weird asking the landlord although that really is what he should do. I replaced two door knobs, $10 each. I fixed a leaky shower that he had looked at before and didn't fix. I swapped the shower head with one I already had in the other shower. He had an obnoxiously small ceiling fan in one room and I asked if I could replace it when I first moved in. He told me he would do it. I already had one so he installed it. I didn't realize he wanted to do it because the wiring is weird.

This last one is in the bedroom and I didn't want to move the bed so he had access to it so I figured I'll just do it myself. When I found out how weird the wiring was I just returned the ceiling fan. So I don't think I've spent a ton on fixing the house. If I spent anything over $20 I plan to take with me.

The yard is one that I don't know. Since there is rocks it's annoying to remove weeds/grass. He was paying someone to do it for the first few years then stopped. So I've been taking care of it but he really needs to have someone work on it. I figure they need to remove everything and do a fresh install. I'm not paying for that lol I also have always wanted him to replace the carpeting but I don't wanna deal with that, I'll just live with it.

One door always gets stuck when it gets humid and it started peeling apart. I did a a shoddy fix on that but I think I might have him fix that.

I think when they last painted the house they just caked on the paint. They even painted over outlets so plugging stuff in was hard the first time lol. Some outlets don't even work.