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Topic subjectJennifer Lopez: "I honestly felt like I was going to die"
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13473965, Jennifer Lopez: "I honestly felt like I was going to die"
Posted by c71, Wed Nov-30-22 07:11 AM
Now, I've been no joke sprung before, but...this...

13473967, I cant imagine feeling this passionate about Ben fucking Affleck
Posted by MEAT, Wed Nov-30-22 09:01 AM
The world has a sickness for white mediocrity.
13473970, She says that about EVERY breakup.
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Wed Nov-30-22 09:29 AM


13473974, ^ there we go.
Posted by Brew, Wed Nov-30-22 09:59 AM
LOL was gonna say the exact same thing.
13473972, Pretty much means the marriage is doomed to fail.. lol
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-30-22 09:56 AM
13473982, she's being dramatic for album sales, but heartbreak for anyone is hard
Posted by shygurl, Wed Nov-30-22 10:43 AM
I don't see how anything she said is controversial.
13473986, she's not a real person and probably doesn't have real relationships
Posted by Tiger Woods, Wed Nov-30-22 11:22 AM
I honestly think she's got a team of consultants who probably do polling on who her next beau should be
13474030, RE: her saying Whitney Houston's songs are suited for her own vocal range
Posted by Garhart Poppwell, Wed Nov-30-22 10:27 PM
is the real fucked take here

>Now, I've been no joke sprung before, but...this...
13474033, I don't think that quote is confirmed.
Posted by squeeg, Thu Dec-01-22 12:28 AM
13474050, There is NO way she actually said that.
Posted by spades, Thu Dec-01-22 10:12 AM
No fucking way.
13474041, At first I thought this was about her, SHYNE & Diddy in da club lol
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Thu Dec-01-22 09:19 AM


13474047, so did I, lol
Posted by jimi, Thu Dec-01-22 10:03 AM
13474052, That right there is when I saw through her ass.
Posted by spades, Thu Dec-01-22 10:14 AM
Jenny from the block and that's why you can say nigga (although there is a real case that she may not have even sang that line....)

but your man gets in a jam and you str8 WALK.


Hasn't dated another negro since.
13474055, I'd of let Diddy too, just sayin....
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Thu Dec-01-22 10:47 AM


13474058, Yeah, but go to the f'n trial at least.
Posted by spades, Thu Dec-01-22 12:12 PM
She was GONE
13474120, lmao.. and lose out on all that white money?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-02-22 10:03 AM
13474132, There it is. but if you ain't really down, why pretend?
Posted by spades, Fri Dec-02-22 11:23 AM
13474139, a lot of celebrities switch up of all races and genders
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Dec-02-22 12:33 PM
13474143, This is so ridiculous.
Posted by soulpsychodelicyde, Fri Dec-02-22 01:09 PM
Bullets flying past my head cuz I'm with you I'm reevaluating my whole life. Fuck that.
13474149, so she’s not still Jenny from the block?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-02-22 02:33 PM
13474061, she makes it seem like everything was a waste in between
Posted by Reeq, Thu Dec-01-22 12:35 PM
the two relationships with ben affleck.

like nothing fulfilling happened.

like the middle part of her life was a complete void.

like she didnt have a whole other 10 year marriage with multiple children lol.

imagine seeing your mom reminisce on old/new dick like her life was incomplete without it.
13474069, Meh
Posted by spades, Thu Dec-01-22 01:22 PM
I feel like when you grow up you'll understand that her love for you and her love for your father are separate things.
13474121, Mommy is working..
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-02-22 10:05 AM
that is all that needs to be said

working these publicist to sell these books, movies, perfume, etc..