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Topic subjectdon't let a big case come through. shit's wild af.
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13473692, don't let a big case come through. shit's wild af.
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Nov-22-22 11:55 AM
>its like being a doctor on call.. but for computer networks
>a lot of techs seem to leave simply because the amount of time
>they are deploying and installing shit.

all hands on deck to find out what's happening, did someone get in and if data/creds were stolen. it's a non-stop thing fr.

burnout is not a game, but my team consists of folks that really like this stuff. they're seasoned and enjoy being in the weeds. I don't view it in the same way they do.

>Which is why it feels like most techs dont have kids or used
>to be military.

I've not seen that unless they're younger. pretty much everyone over here has kids. One guy, that I kinda forced to be my mentor, just had a baby this week.